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Female-Friendly "Creep-free" Dating Apps
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RE: Female-Friendly "Creep-free" Dating Apps
(09-30-2014 11:28 PM)speakeasy Wrote:  
Quote:Mesh boasts a mind-boggling average response rate of 95 percent.

Can't argue with numbers like that(if accurate). They're clearly doing something right. I'm all for this. Anything that gets the idiots off the site only makes things easier for guys with some class and decent online game. Part of the reason it's hard to even get a message noticed by a girl is because so many lame dudes are spamming stupid shit. And then she just gets frustrated and gives up in a week. Get rid of those dudes and life becomes way easier for everyone else.

Good points. Which filters can they choose, though? Women are notoriously picky when asked what they want in a mate, and obviously often respond to things that are different than they say they want.

Most women will say they want a well-thought out response, addressing interest in something on her profile. But we all know they are more likely to respond to an extremely attractive guy who writes, "wat's up" as opposed to responding to a well-put-together message from a less attractive guy.

If what a woman responds to, and what she says she wants are often two different things, I don't see how these apps will improve dating prospects. They will just serve as finely-tuned self-validation machines.
09-30-2014 11:50 PM
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