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Female-Friendly "Creep-free" Dating Apps
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RE: Female-Friendly "Creep-free" Dating Apps
(10-01-2014 12:16 AM)JoyStick Wrote:  where's the male-friendly "SIF-free" version for us?

Economics -- women will not use a dating site that makes them list their weight, not choose a self-described body-type.

If no women, no men. Therefore, no audience, no ads, and no subscriptions.

Even OKCupid has height listed to the inch/centimeter, but when it comes to weight/body type, it has broad, self-described categories "Skinny/average, etc.." because to require a specific weight would turn women off to the site (I say if they are going to do that, then height should be just as broadly defined "Extremely tall, tall, average, short, extremely short")

The economic fact is, that a woman who is short and 300 lbs wants a site that will allow her to be "Curvy", and still allow her to search for men over 6'0 tall. And if there is a vagina present, 20 men will line up for a crack at it ...and now you have a successful dating site! Smile
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10-01-2014 12:41 AM
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