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Female-Friendly "Creep-free" Dating Apps
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RE: Female-Friendly "Creep-free" Dating Apps
Sonsowey, your last post fails to recognize that many girls honestly want to meet a man, in real life.

We can imagine two groups of girls, Attention Whores (or Whores for short) and Girls who actually want to meet a man in real life. While some Whores will meet up and some Girls will chase attention, apps like Mesh, if they deliver on their promise, could help separate these two crowds and attract only the Girls, not the Whores. That is to be commended.

While attention whoring is bait for many potential female users, there are also plenty of female users whose top concern is meeting a guy, even at the expense of not attention whoring. There is definitely a niche for what Mesh is promising.

That said, I agree, many of these chicks complaining about the creepy guys would be sorrier if said creeps stopped creeping.

I could see requiring a college education to keep the creep count down. I'm definitely willing to trade a clamp down on creepiness for an equivalent clamp down on attention whoring.
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