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Female-Friendly "Creep-free" Dating Apps
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RE: Female-Friendly "Creep-free" Dating Apps
(10-01-2014 05:36 PM)AnonymousBosch Wrote:  A 'Creep' is simply what women call a man she believes is below her standards, when he believes she's attainable by his standards.

When he makes a play, she is presented with undeniable, real evidence that she must be less attractive than she believes.

She either has to accept she's not all that, and that he is the quality of man her SMV attracts, or run the hamster wheel.

Therefore, he's obviously some kind of deviant: "He's just a creepy perv who hits on any woman who crosses his path!" This way he doesn't recognise she's out of her league, because he's mentally-unbalanced, and her inflated self-image is protected.

Keep telling yourself that, girls.

I agree.

However, as I said earlier, a good friend of mine had some of the largest land whales contact him. He's about six foot, fit, good job. He's boned some attractive women, including several he has contacted and met through the internet. He would tell you himself he's not looking for the hottest girl in the world, but I saw pictures of the women contacting him and they were enormous, nothing about them was a good match.

What explains this? I assume it's that telling women they are beautiful no matter what completely warps their true SMV, but I'd be interested to hear your take.

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