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Woman marries herself- Perfect marriage of feminism and narcissism
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RE: Woman marries herself- Perfect marriage of feminism and narcissism
(10-05-2014 10:03 PM)Atticus Wrote:  I actually feel sorry for her. She probably does have mental health issues. Not crazy, but a lack of self awareness coupled with a propensity to escape reality by indulging in ridiculous flights of fancy... like a child escaping into make believe world. Her parents are probably (rightfully) mortified but it would appear everyone is tap-dancing around her issues. This is where feminism has been so destructive. In another age, women like this would have just settled down with some "run of the mill" chump into a life of suburban domesticity. Feminism has empowered women to make poor choices.

As long as she doesn't get impregnated by her spouse and they don't have kids then I am cool with this. She is doing society a favor by removing her genes from the gene pool.

But knowing my luck she will get a new uterus (RVF thread) and then accidentally get the wrong sperm donor (another rvf thread) and then she will be in the news again in a few years. Laugh

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