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High quality Zebra linked to healthy gut flora?
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High quality Zebra linked to healthy gut flora?
[Image: zebraleg.jpg]

This dude knows some high quality zebra when he sees it.

This article is from scientists studying the biome of Hadza hunter gatherers, specifically how it changes over time. The Hadza apparently have all sorts of bacteria ij their gut that have never been identified in Western pople at all, and lck the ones that are the most common in our gut.

Over the changing seasons, their gut biome changes a good deal as their food sources change dramatically. All throughout the year, they lack the bacteria found in yogurt and probiotic supplements that are marketed to us as healthful. Very interesting read.

"We are interested in how Hadza microbes – along with their environmental microbes (water, homes, plants and animals) – shift between the wet and dry seasons. Due to some unique geography and global weather patterns, East Africa experiences a striking wet and dry season – essentially 6 months of on and off rain, followed by almost none (see figure). This reality means that during the dry season, as water holes dry up, the Hadza kill a lot more animals as dwindling water sources make the animals more predictable and easier to shoot with their poison arrows from hunting blinds (aka ambush hunting). An increase in protein and fat from animals means a drop off in other caloric resources, mainly plants, as the Hadza will often binge of meat when possible (note they have no storage so everything is eaten in a short period of time). During the wet season when Hadza Land is awash in greenery and flowers, the Hadza enjoy an abundance of wild honey (gooey fat of the larvae included) and massive stands of sugary berries. With the coming of the rains larger animals are more scattered and thus harder to kill, so make up less of the daily calories (though its highly variable from day-to-day and week-to-week and from camp-to-camp). No matter the season, fibrous baobab fruit and subsurface tubers are a daily constant for the Hadza. Yes, they consume lots and lots of dietary fiber!"

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10-04-2014 09:58 AM
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