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How to Make Money Hustling in Williston/Alberta/Texas Oil Industry
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RE: How to Make Money Hustling in Williston/Alberta/Texas Oil Industry
There is a certain hierarchy, the more down you go the more head ache and less money

1)top dog would be owning oil rich land with mineral rights. Make cash. Do nothing.
2)Below that is the oil company
3)Then companies that get hired by the oil company which fall into a couple categories. Bigger equipment, rigs, cranes, pumpers, all cost a lot to maintain, hard to find and retain quality people, only worth getting into if you have someone willing to "pimp" you out and owner operate or hire someone to run your stuff under their name for a cut. That way you actually get the equipment on location and get oil field tickets written by the oil company. Unless you are getting tickets written by the oil companies you aint making the big bucks. Its all who you know really, you can make hundreds of thousands with a some garbage bins, porta potties and rig matts, but if you dont know they consultants personally you are not getting that stuff out to location and getting tickets. Its an old boys club out there. Tools can be very profitable. Most tools will be rented out will be covered by one or two rentals. Rebuilding them is pretty simple. Again you need to actual field experience to know these tools and jobs and companies willing to run them, or have/be a tool hand. Even if a service companies picks up and runs the tool, you get billed on the ticket to the oil company so you have charge out $1500 for a $2000 tool, then rebuild the seals, paint it and put on shelf again.
4) Working for people getting the oil field tickets, brick and mortar, residential construction and stuff - you can charge a premium but nothing like a mark up to the oil company. good side is you wont have trouble getting customers, and auto shop is booked several days in advanced in any town. Down side is you have to live out in some shit hole and always be there due to the nature of the business. If you have enough for a McDonalds or tims, every town can use another one. Staffing these businesses will be tough with high turn arounds.
5) regular jobs out here, cashier, teacher, tutor, etc, just not really worth being out there for the most part.

I have one business idea that is in the area of using software, similar to well planning but more on the completions side. Problem is I never worked in the office side of things for an oil company so I would like to talk to someone about the feasibility and demand for it.
Another thing is I know API and metal standards for equipment, and several machine shop owners that specialize in oil equipment, I can design tools on cad. If a sales channel is made with a good tool thats in demand it can be quite lucrative. Machine shop builds, assemble, sell with a 300-500% mark up, or rent out as tool company and watch money flow. Most of these opportunities will be in the newer completion methods. There are lots of problems and needs, but sometimes the volume isnt there/ people can always reverser engineer it if its simple by just tossing it to a machinist.

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