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How to Make Money Hustling in Williston/Alberta/Texas Oil Industry
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RE: How to Make Money Hustling in Williston/Alberta/Texas Oil Industry
(11-18-2014 10:54 PM)YMG Wrote:  
(11-18-2014 02:35 PM)redbeard Wrote:  Laundry service would be amazing.

You could advertise special cleaning techniques to get grease out of FRC's.

If you have low capital, only do delivery service. Clients would pay you a fee, you drive it to a laundromat, pay them, deliver it back, cut a little off the top.

How much capital do you think this kind of business would need?

-Laundry facilities
-Delivery truck

My leasehand days I washed quite a bit of coveralls, and drilling rigs get dirty. You are going to want a industrial washer preferable with a boiler to steam them. Can always look for used as this equipment will be quite pricey new. Consumer ones with steam go for 2k. Regular washers will only wash two pairs max and will wear out quick. You can always set up some soak bins in the van, truck will be too much plus require a CDL at which point people can find work for 30+ an hour in town. The bins will have the coveralls bouncing/sloshing in the solution due from the van driving on the shitty roads. At that point you will already have the coverall presoaked and prewashed before going to washer. Dono if its worth the trouble but its something you could do if you do it. Labor your are looking at 15 an hour min. Most companies are dry cleaners and do this on the side, or office cleaners, and change carpet rugs and stuff each time they come by.

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