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How to Make Money Hustling in Williston/Alberta/Texas Oil Industry
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RE: How to Make Money Hustling in Williston/Alberta/Texas Oil Industry
Good thread YMG.
To expand on your last post, I think having a service through a website or even an app where people can place orders for their groceries and have it delivered within say 12 hours would have tremendous potential. Same for laundry.

However, I see 2 main challenges in this:

1) majority of guys on the oil patch, here at least in AB, they are mostly red necks who may not be very open to the idea of doing stuff on the computer. At least initially. These are very down to earth guys, who may or may not be very tech savvy.

Needless to say, this kind of project would entail to have a subsequent educating the prospects about the benefits of this service.

2) The second major challenge in offering grocery orders taking online and delivering it to them would be you'd need to first get access to the key decision makers and to convince them of letting an outsider company offer that service. The major grocery store chains here in AB are No Frills, Safeway, Superstore, Walmart etc...

If you have contacts inside these companies, then half the battle is won. If not, It might be a hard and long battle to get there...

Overall, I do see great potential in this, just need the contacts to get to key decision makers in these huge organisations as they would want a piece of the action for sure.

I'm sure they would have already thought about these new platforms to offer their products to very busy tradesmen. As to why they haven't gone ahead and implemented them yet, given that they already have the expertise, resources and contacts necessary, that's a big factor to consider.

I'll follow this with interest as I'm interested in getting involved in something like this.
11-18-2014 11:33 PM
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