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How to Make Money Hustling in Williston/Alberta/Texas Oil Industry
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RE: How to Make Money Hustling in Williston/Alberta/Texas Oil Industry
I appreciate the mentality and spirit of this thread. However, like Tres pointed out in the post above, there are no get rich quick schemes out here. Some decent ideas but you need to have capital to make it work (of the ones mentioned). I will also throw out a warning or friendly advice for those thinking of partnering up with other board members in hopes of making big dollars - post count and rep ratings means dick all. Especially when it comes to making money. There are some true blue collar hustlers that have made the move, and some not so hard working types looking for an easy paycheck and a ticket to poosy paradise. It's hard work making coin in the patch, watch where you invest it and with whom. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Anyway, heres some positive criticism:

Food truck could work. I doubt it would put you on the fast track road to mega millions. I could see it becoming a source for passive income with time. 2 reasons I think it could work: the first is the lower startup cost and second, the dire need for decent food in this city. I'm sure most of you guys have realized by now that we only have a handful of good eateries. If we go the affordable route, the human stomach can only handle digesting donair mystery meat for so long before shutting down (or giving you some serious constipation). Same goes for A&dubs et al. In time, I could see it expanding, maybe 2 trucks - downtown and the south side. Maybe expand to calgary. The negatives: good luck working during our 8 months of winter.
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