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Nick Krauser reviews
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RE: Nick Krauser reviews
I reviewed Daygame Overkill for the 3 Bromigos blog, link is here. I've copied and pasted the whole thing below:

"I’ll begin by saying, Daygame Overkill is very good. Not only is the featured seminar full of cutting edge insight, the in-field analysis is what truly sets it apart from anything else I’ve come across. Krauser is on top of his game in the filmed sets provided, and it definitely shows you where to aim for in terms of overall daygame mastery. Confidence, improvisation, social savvy, intuitive technical stuff…it’s all laid out. It is, quite frankly, the best daygame product out there currently, bar none.

Nick gave me free access to the product on the basis that I’d provide a thorough, honest review, which I hope to achieve (as you’ll see throughout, so as not to appear ingratiating, I’ve tried hard to be critical, but often found myself clutching at straws*). The in-field section is so in-depth, I found myself pausing and re-winding several times. Scratch that, lots of times! Plenty of lightbulb moments, and just tons of information. In fact, I’d go as far to say it’s not always a ‘fun’ watch (not as taxing as Mastery though! – which is essentially a reference textbook, compared to Overkill, which is the visual demonstration), as you have to properly concentrate to extract the full value in the analysis of each interaction. It’s basically an informal lecture. I’d also like to add at this point that it’s really well produced, with professional-standard editing and so on.

You’re not just given a file to download, you’ve got access to a ‘portal’ that has a few extra tidbits – such as daygame model diagrams, and a separate 40-minute video introduction from Nick himself, where he explains that Daygame Overkill is sort of a companion product alongside Daygame Mastery. The visual to accompany the text so to speak. I found the platform a little slow at times, but a quick refresh fixed the problem in most instances. In the intro, Nick goes into the ‘lover vs provider’ idea, which he identifies as K and R Selection, based on evolutionary biology. Commonly known in the manosphere as ‘alpha fucks, beta bucks’. He also says that this product is applicable to newbies, but, I reckon that’s a little overreaching, as this really is high-level stuff. The basics aren’t touched on here, Nick is talking to his desired audience – men with daygame experience who don’t need their hand held at every step of the interaction. It’s practical, actionable advice. It’s a very valuable addition to a ‘game library’, but you need real world experience to get the most from it, basically.

The price might be a bit off-putting to some, but I can almost guarantee that after watching the in-field content…you’ll realise it’s worth it, in a similar way to when you first browse through Mastery, and you’re like “Jesus, this is a proper bloody textbook”.

Daygame Overkill comes in two parts, or ‘features’. Part one is the ‘Adventure Sex’ seminar, part 2 is the ‘Street Seducer’ in-field section. Several hours of brand new, cutting edge content. I’m not sure of the precise running time, but you certainly feel that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Adventure Sex review:

“This is the theory piece. Immerse yourself in the r-selected daygame lifestyle…”

The first section of Daygame Overkill is the aforementioned seminar, where Nick begins with how this product came about, and some bits and bobs about his current musings on game in general. It’s funny, the whole thing kind of happened by accident, so it’s impressive how well the product turned out. If it wasn’t for a text from Bojangles…well, you’ll have to watch it to finish the story.

Now, down to the nitty gritty. Krauser has been writing about ‘K-Selection’ vs ‘R-Selection’ for some time, and I don’t want to derail the review by going into any lengthy explanation of the terms. Sure, they’re a bit geeky sounding, and appear at first a bit black and white (something he dispels in the Q&A section – where he says they’re “theoretical constructs”… orientations, rather than literal truths), but once you’ve listened to the seminar, you’ll understand what they mean, and how they work in terms of seduction. I’m wary of game theory putting too much emphasis on animal behaviours and what not when discussing human interactions, so it was good to hear a more rounded perspective.

Brief points from the seminar:

- Overall discussion of K/R-Selection. K-Selection daygame is slow, R-Selection daygame is fast and “dirty”. R-Selection daygame is the main focus of the first feature. Nick explores its benefits, and how it differs from traditional ‘nice guy’ daygame.

- Discusses the ‘Secret Society‘ – ensuring you come across as a guy who “gets it”. I.E “This is the guy who fucks hot girls, so I’ll fuck him” – women will fuck charisma. Women need something to attribute to you, an edge as it were. If you’re not super good-looking, a famous actor, the best footballer in the world, and so on…all you’ve got is your charisma – and it’s enough.

- Related point: Gaining pre-selection using your words and actions – without having hot girls physically around you to demonstrate value, in the same way you might have in a bar or nightclub etc.

- Sexualisation using subcommunication and nuance, rather than overt wording. He obviously expands on this heavily in the Street Seducer in-field section, with plenty of real-world, demonstrated examples.

- Mastery is a companion piece, the textbook – while this is the visual demonstration. (Both require proper concentration, as they aren’t ‘fluff’ pieces but highly analytical breakdowns.)

- It’s not game unless she’s younger and better looking than you.

- R-Selection gives you a shot at girls who are otherwise unavailable. You’re not there to replace the current boyfriend (this relates to the stories Nick tells about fucking the significant others of very wealthy men), you can fuck a Muslim girl who obviously doesn’t think you’ll fit in with her family/social group etc.

- Helps you understand where you’re ‘at’, so to speak – in terms of the R-K Scale. I’ve linked to a Tom Torero video where he goes into detail. I suppose it’s all about finding what’s congruent with you, and what your goals and objectives are, rather than a right or wrong way.

- You can take the R-Selection stuff and utilise it when you see fit. So, whether that’s to become a bad-boy boyfriend or to be a ‘travelling cad’ with multiple options in various cities, the tools are laid out for you to use as and when you want to.

It’s anti-provider game at the very highest level.

There’s tons more contained in the Adventure Sex seminar, but I’d be doing a couple of pages of bullet points to get everything down. Some of it you may already be familiar with, especially if you’ve read Nitro and/or Mastery, but there’s a lot of newer stuff there that I was hearing for the first time. The final part of this section is the Q&A, where some of the questions you have about R-Selection daygame are answered. Including, of course, whether it will work for Indians. Smile

Street Seducer review:

“The practical demonstration in painstaking detail…”

Using the same format as the earlier seminar, this section has a set of filmed in-field examples on a screen, which Nick frequently pauses to explain what he’s doing and why. He doesn’t just have examples of ‘yes’ girls, but also ones where the girl was unavailable/uninterested. There’s 10 overall, with all but 3 analysed in front of the audience.

It’s a shame that all ten aren’t done this way, as there’s a bit of audio trouble (background noise) in the final three, which appear to have been broken down by Nick in cafe or somewhere. But it’s a really mild criticism, as the rest of the videos are top notch – and the actual analysis in the other 3 is excellent, even if you do have to alter your volume a bit.

I cannot stress enough the value contained in the in-field analysis, it’s almost relentless in its thoroughness (due to the stop-start nature of the breakdown. That said, there’s also a director’s cut section, where you can watch all the in-fields uncut, without the analysis. It’s a nice touch, to be able to watch them in their entirety, to really get a grasp on how they flow etc.). Every sentence and action is broken down with explanations and analysis of why/what/how it works for each particular girl. If you’re familiar with Mastery, you’re going to recognise the animal comparisons he uses throughout. Giraffe, Greyhound, Cat, Squirrel etc… Pretty accurate metaphors for figuring out what kind of girl you’re talking to. There’s also a short Q&A after most of the in-fields, which is good, as the questions you’d have yourself are usually covered by someone in the audience. If it doesn’t make you want to get out and hit the streets in a busy European capital, then I’m not sure we’ve been watching the same thing!

It really is in painstaking detail, because as I said earlier, it’s so densely packed with nuggets of knowledge and info that you really need several viewings to take it all in. To put it into literal terms, I Whatsapped Bojangles earlier today with the comment:

“It’s so intense it’s like homework”.

However, I mean that in the best possible way! Again, you’re getting your money’s worth.

One thing Nick does in the sets is what he coins Fractionisation. A kind of simultaneous push/pull that he does to be ‘on’ and then ‘off’ in terms of sexualisation. One minute he’s playing the masculine brute (pretending to struggle with foreign names for example), and later he’s posing as a scholar, waxing lyrical about the finer points of Japanese martial arts culture (this is the ‘knowledge’ part of the model). Physically too, stepping in and stepping off, making it difficult for the girl to put him in a box so to speak – keeping her guessing and on her toes. One thing he does a lot is what he terms ‘the naughty schoolboy’, standing with his hands in his back pocket like a kid being told off, but at the same time as he says something cheekily sexual. It works really well. He also polarises a lot, to great effect.

I need to add at this point, that whilst it’s densely packed with tons of information, it’s not overly-serious or anything. I’ve seen a few people say Krauser comes across as “arrogant”, and whilst I can partially see where they’re coming from, reading his blog, I reckon this product would completely change that opinion, not that there’s anything wrong with being ‘arrogant’ I might add. If I was as good at football as he is at daygame, for example, I’d most likely be a complete cunt – and so would you!

Overkill is casual, funny in parts, and there are a few laugh out loud moments. There’s a particular moment when some screeching girls are outside the room (or perhaps even inside?) and I kind of hoped there’d be more of a ‘dialogue’, but I digress.

There are also plenty of tidbits littered throughout that you’ll want to implement into your own interactions. Another thing Overkill stresses is that R-Selection daygame should be fun, hard work, but fun. There’s an in-field with a girl called Morana, and the way Nick uses playful cockiness to break down her initial frostiness is a good example of this in action. There’s also a girl he approaches outside of H&M, and whilst what takes place in the interaction is, at first, nothing really out of the ordinary in terms of the more sexually charged daygame you see in Overkill, it was one of my favourite in-fields. Great teasing, flirting and so on. “I’m going to hit on you, obviously” (from him, a line he uses on lots of sets, where they try to set the ‘terms’ of the date), followed by “I don’t usually do this” (from her) is fucking gold (it’s the way she says it). They don’t normally do ‘this’… and that’s why it’s so bloody good. R-Selection for the win!

On the whole, there are a couple of occasions where the camera work leaves a bit to be desired, but you can thank Bojangles for that! In all seriousness, considering the DIY nature of the filming, it’s all captured really well, and the editing and production values are of a professional standard. You get what you pay for, as it were. It’s not cheap, but the sheer amount of value in this product is enormous.


Overall, I’d have to give Daygame Overkill a very positive review. I’ve pretty much covered what I wanted to say above, so no need to repeat it again here. The two sections offer excellent insight, and the format works well. I only wish the Q&A in the first section had been a little longer, purely because the topics were varied and covered a wider range of things than the seminar alone – so a bit extra if you will. As others have mentioned on the Roosh V Forum, Krauser has, for me also, established himself as pretty much the number one Daygame ‘guru’, and this is reflected in the consistently high quality content provided in his material.

It focuses exclusively on European girls, so some American guys might not feel it’s suitable for the market they operate in. However, there’s not much that could be done about that – hot European girls are superior in every aspect – so get working on that visa, fellas. Joking aside, that’s probably my only ‘criticism’ (*straws, clutching, much?) of the products that come from the LDM school of thought – they’re Euro-centric, and rely heavily on either living in a cosmopolitan city with access to Euro girls, or having the location independence to travel to Europe a lot.

That said, Overkill is packed full of so much detailed information and real-world demonstration, it would be a waste to miss out. For the price, you’re getting a lot of brand new stuff that just isn’t available elsewhere at this point. The Street Seducer section is, like Mastery, something you can most likely dip in and out of when you want to brush up on certain things, or see where you might have gone wrong somewhere. Indeed, one of the best things about it is how you can use it to retroactively analyse situations you’ve been in yourself, and while Mastery could explain it, it’s different to see how you could have handled something differently. Basically, I think it’s fucking mint.

For the cutting edge in the evolution of the London Daygame Model – this comes highly recommended.

Daygame Overkill – 9/10 WB (Would Buy).

Also if you want hands on help on the street, contact Krauser’s wing – Bojangles for a bootcamp. He’ll help set you on your way."

* There were quite a few hyperlinks (and formatting) that haven't copied over - go to the original article and you'll be able to see them.

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