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Things You Accomplished in 2014
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RE: Things You Accomplished in 2014
2014 was for me a blowback in many ways. I have learned many lessons.
This thread is such a great read so let's stick to the positive things.

- Managed to stay another year out of the ratrace. Wasn't my best year in terms of economics but I still managed to make money on my own terms without being anybodys bitch.

- Spent more than 4 months abroad. Thailand, Malaysia,Indonesia, UK,Germany and Sweden.

- Started with martial arts, jiu-jutsu and kickboxing in the spring. (Thanks Fisto) Felt like I found the missing link. Really really enjoyed it, almost became obsessed! Never missed a session no matter what. 5 times a week.
I went to Thailand to train Muay Thai but then a serous strike of bad luck and health issues hit me there so I had to back off. Can't wait to get back to it.

- Finally started to hit the gym regularly. 5-6 times a week.
Improving slowly but surely. Trying to do a workout every day. If I'm not lifting, I'm going for a swim.

- Reduced my drinking bigtime. I've aimed to be sober but I have slipped a few times.
Still I haven't been this sober since I was a kid. It's going in the right direction.

- Always cooked my own food, and when I've been abroad no junk food has been allowed. This is standard routine.

- Switched from a night owl to a morning person.
During the last months of this year I've started to go to sleep around 8-9pm and wake up between 4-6am without any alarm. This is one of the best habits I've picked up. Productivity has skyrocketed.

- Reduced weed smoking. I have never been a stoner or a big smoker.
But during the last two years I've had a fag in the evening before sleeping time after a long heavy day. Relaxed me and made me tired and ready to sleep.
I didn't want to be attached to it so I cut it out. 3 months without a smoke.

- Did a full renovation of my house by myself.
Took a long time but I was happy to finish such a big project.
Now I have a kickass place, only the location sucks. Ha.

- Spent quite a time with the best quality girls in my life so far.
If you had showed me pictures of these girls 5-6 years ago, I would never ever believed I could have pulled anything like that off.

I'm optimistic about 2015. Things should continue to go uphill.
In fact, next year will be a big adventure on all levels because I have nothing really written in stone.

I don't know what will happen in 2015,but I'm ready to join the ride!
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