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The "Do You Even Deadlift" Clinic
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RE: The "Do You Even Deadlift" Clinic
Deadlift assistant exercise - Pause Deadlift

I learned it from Mike Tuscherer of RTS fame.

This is both my favourite and most hated assistant exercise for the deadlift. The pause variation is like this: lift the bar up to mid-shin, pause for 2 seconds, then finish the lift as normal.

It is a great tool to teach people several things:

- The most efficient bar path
- Where your body and balance should be
- Keep the bar close to the body: straight up the shins, then thighs etc.
- Engage the abs (especially in breaking the bar off the floor), glutes and lats
- Hold the quads tight half way up so the glutes can finish it
- Patience with the lift

If you don't do any of those properly, the pause will be a mighty struggle. If you do the pause properly, you will learn all the good habits that will make your main deadlift technique improve significantly. That's why it's my favourite.

How to do it properly: just like a normal deadlift, but you'll have to actively break the bar off the floor by exploding into the lift with your abs, else you won't be able to pause.

How to incorporate that into your training:

- Do it during warmups, for the first couple of reps (so you can put it in your existing program starting now)
- Do it after deadlift as drop sets, or as a 2nd deadlift session in the training week
- Use lighter weights, at most 75% of your 1RM, and lower reps and sets, at most 3-4 reps, usually 2-3.

This is for practice the form, not so much working hard for strength gains. When you have solid technique, you can drop it off the program.

Do not underestimate the effect. A light weight will quickly feel very hard. I used to do these as a second round of deadlift after the first round, on a Sheiko program. That's why I hated it so much!

Bonus - if you don't like yourself very much, do a double pause: at mid-shin for 2 counts on the way up, and also on the way down.

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05-19-2015 06:48 AM
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