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The "Do You Even Deadlift" Clinic
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RE: The "Do You Even Deadlift" Clinic
(04-13-2015 09:56 AM)RexImperator Wrote:  I have the hardest time figuring out how to properly flatten my back. I squeeze like hell and it never seems to be good enough when I look back at the video.

Rippetoe says not to drop the hips further once shins are at the bar, but other coaches say you should drop the hips. I have a strong urge to drop my hips. What's your take on it?

I have long arms and legs with a relatively short torso so my setup looks very horizontal.

I can get into more details on this when I tell you about my model for the deadlift starting position. But here are a few things to think about:

Firstly, don't automatically assume that just because you appear to be built in a certain way that you can't set up with, say, a better back angle. At my gym there is a guy just a little bit taller than me with an over 4xBW deadlift (ex WR holder). He appears to have long arms and we all assumed that this is why he looks so good in the starting position. I thought I had really short arms compared to his, and I look horizontal. One day, I was just joking around and compared mine to his. It turned out that his arms were barely longer than mine. Upon observing more closely, I saw that his shoulders dropped way low in the starting position, which allow him to have a better back angle. Learning how to drop my shoulders (among other things) has given me the appearance of someone with long arms.

There are many things you can do to give yourself better leverage, and this thread is precisely about that. I tend to fix people's deadlifts from their first contact point with the bar which is their hands, followed by arms, shoulders and upper back. The hip position tends to get taken care of automatically after those.

Secondly, with the hips, vertical position doesnt matter as much as you think. Higher simply is more back dominant, and lower is more leg dominant. Rippetoe teaches a very American style of deadlift which is more back. I prefer coaching a slightly lower hip position to use more legs, to reduce low back stress.

What matters is horizontal position of the hips i.e how close your hips to the bar. The closer, the more force you can produce.

Iĺl write more about that tonight.

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04-13-2015 10:46 PM
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