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The Red Pill subreddit attacks me and neomasculinity
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RE: The Red Pill subreddit attacks me and neomasculinity
(05-22-2015 08:20 PM)The Lizard of Oz Wrote:  To accuse such a man of being a "sellout" who is intent on monetizing other people's ideas seems absurd on its face.

You know what? I was actually hoping that Roosh was making a big profit on his World Tour and other such endeavors. That is why I bought a ticket.

Now he has already clarified that this isn't the case, but even if he were "selling out", think about who he is really selling out to: his own loyal supporters.

I have no problem with him "selling out" to us, because that means that he will keep providing us with services. It is better that he receive patronage from us than from feminist media overlords who will try to hijack the message.

It's like the argument: should we pay politicians higher wages so that they will be less tempted by lobbyists? If you have a smart and intelligent man making good decisions, fighting the good fight, and helping spread the message of truth, then why shouldn't we pay him more so that he can do a better job spreading the message?

Our world view, the truth, is on the precipice of making it onto the mainstream. The Dr. Oz show appearance, the Mad Max article going viral, etc means that more people are hearing about us. This means that the attacks will come harder and stronger. Roosh's name and face is out there, making him a target.

A little cash in his pocket is a good tool to help him fight these attacks, do more tours, and open more eyes.

For example, think of every dollar in his pocket from his tours and books as a contribution to the fight against feminists trying to put innocent young men in prison for fake rape. It's better to donate to Roosh than to your alma mater, which is directly going to fund feminist policies that ruin men's lives.

People who think money is no matter are fooling themselves. In fact I will extend it so far as to say that they have already admitted defeat. They believe that the fight against feminism and authoritarianism can not be won. By bad mouthing people who are actually fighting, these people have accepted a state of perpetual victimhood, and they like it. They like to have their little feminist approved subversive club where they can pretend like they are part of the fight, but really they never want to progress to the point where they can be truly free and non-anonymous. They like to quietly talk about how men are oppressed and blame their failures on it so that they will not have to take responsibility for themselves.

Sounds a lot like feminism.

P.S. Way to throw down the hammer in the response video Roosh..

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