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The Red Pill subreddit attacks me and neomasculinity
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RE: The Red Pill subreddit attacks me and neomasculinity
Any honest, idiot, can tell that Roosh does what he does because he loves it... all of it, so much so that he gave up his full time job as a pharmaceutical chemist—not chump-change assholes—to dedicate himself to, living the life and keeping his experience fresh, so he could write the content, that fills the books, and covers the screens, because he obviously feels so passionately about learning this, and sharing this... of course he should be paid for it you asshats!!!

What? You think this kind of quality product/ service should be free or that it is somehow tainted or poor men are being taken advantage of because money is exchanged for goods/ services?!

Maybe if you didn't spend all of your days clamoring for quick bursts of Internet approval from bronies and neck beards , you might have a more accurate and realistic set of expectations in regards to how a real economy works.

First off loose that BS victim mentality: clearly you are spending waaay too much time on reddit and that shit is seeping into your brain.

Next: Who's to say that your advice, message and narrative hasn't been tainted by the reddit feminist matriarchy? For all we know Ellen Pau regularly wires fake internet points into your offshore reddit accounts?

Finally: Roosh is taking advantage of exactly 0 people by selling his books and appearances (@ only $10 & $50 respectively which given the received value, is a steal by the way...). Only a modern feminist would take advantage of a system/ scenario or expect a man to give up something of great value at a discount if not free to them and still have the gall to cry out injustice...

You all claim to be red pill, right?
So then be red pill: detach from your keyboard and roll away from your custom gaming desk, and go engage in that quintessentially red pill tradition and cornerstone of the whole movement/ mindset, of quiet, honest introspection. I want you to think long and hard, about exactly why you are bothered by roosh's financial "gains".

Then comeback and we, your brothers will gladly have a chat with you...
about aaaaanything else as you will undoubtedly understand exactly how fucking lame your current gripe is.

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05-23-2015 02:49 AM
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