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The Red Pill subreddit attacks me and neomasculinity
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RE: The Red Pill subreddit attacks me and neomasculinity
When looking at Rollo's Twitter feed I just think:

[Image: Boy-That-Escalated-Quickly-Anchorman.gif]

This beef is utterly unnecessary.

I agree that Reddit will stamp out the useful topics of the Red Pill sooner or later. Seeing from the viewpoint of the social planners I would say that Rollo's and Roosh's messages to men is the most problematic. Both help men to get laid, become more masculine, understand women better and either to get laid or forge stronger relationships with their wives or girlfriends.

MGTOWs - they are great - stop procreating - the elite could not be more happy with that movement.
MRAs - great - been in existence since 100 years - can go on for the next 100 and no influence.
The Red Pill - while the term is still valid it actually encompasses everyone from PUAHATE Game deniers to traditionals - especially in large forums that message will be ever more diluted

So all in all - the differences between Rollo and Roosh are the venues they use and some variations in personal opinions.

No reason to pull out the trident

[Image: Brick-Tamland-Throws-Trident-Anchorman.gif]

On the other hand - we men are known to go into fights and then 15 minutes later go for a beer together - so go for it.

Vitamin C Megadosing:
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