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The Red Pill subreddit attacks me and neomasculinity
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RE: The Red Pill subreddit attacks me and neomasculinity
Until this infighting and friendly fire stops, I'm not sure how we are going to achieve a voice as powerful as the feminism movement. Not to blow smoke up anyone's ass - what Roosh has done for the last 10 years has the potential to completely change the entire world. But I only see that happening if the infighting, sniping, side-picking, jostling for personal gain cease, and we all join into one chorus.

This is akin to Democrat's infighting in contrast with the GOP's single minded messaging tactics. I hate to draw such a parallel with our broken two party system, as both parties stink. But the point I am trying to make is if we are ever going to beat feminism and somewhat reverse the cultural decline in the Western world, we are going to have to really band together, join forces, and become one, but truly powerful, voice.

Neomasculinity is a good word to stand behind, and I'm disappointed Rollo has a beef with this as I find a lot of value in what he writes, and isn't that much different from Roosh idealogically.

EDIT: I suppose I'm preaching to the choir here... I hope Rollo reads this. I'd email him this, but he never has responded to my emails so I'm not sure if he reads his email.
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