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The Red Pill subreddit attacks me and neomasculinity
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RE: The Red Pill subreddit attacks me and neomasculinity
(05-23-2015 08:40 AM)CleanSlate Wrote:  Until this infighting and friendly fire stops, I'm not sure how we are going to achieve a voice as powerful as the feminism movement. Not to blow smoke up anyone's ass - what Roosh has done for the last 10 years has the potential to completely change the entire world. But I only see that happening if the infighting, sniping, side-picking, jostling for personal gain cease, and we all join into one chorus.

This is akin to Democrat's infighting in contrast with the GOP's single minded messaging tactics. I hate to draw such a parallel with our broken two party system, as both parties stink. But the point I am trying to make is if we are ever going to beat feminism and somewhat reverse the cultural decline in the Western world, we are going to have to really band together, join forces, and become one, but truly powerful, voice.

Neomasculinity is a good word to stand behind, and I'm disappointed Rollo has a beef with this as I find a lot of value in what he writes, and isn't that much different from Roosh idealogically.

I'm not so sure I see it this way.

I have long mentioned on this forum that the "social justice" hegemon we see is basically just a coalition. Although all the partners in this coalition subscribe to a Year Zero mentality in one form or the other, beyond their common hatred of "cis" hetero white men, they have little in common. This is what makes them unstable, and we will continue to see those instabilities propagate as time moves forward. As Roosh said on his latest stream - these people eat their own when they have no common outrage. He also mentioned that #ThisCantGoOn and he's right, because this coalition, as all coalitions, are unstable.

As a side note I see a fracturing between feminists and trannies first. There are already many underlying tensions there, and as the left pushes for tranny acceptance further, I see those tensions becoming a yawning gap. This will also force gays to make a choice between feminists and trannies, and even the "LGBT" might break up if that's the case, though I suspect they will in the end choose trannies.

What I'm getting at here is again that these coalitions are inherently unstable. While we of course want to see our power grow, for long term viability I'm not sure how desirable a coalition is. Already in GamerGate, long predicted by guys like Seboist and AB, there's some tensions between gaters and the so-called "Ayyteam," who to quote Seboist, are the "weak link in the chain, the liberals." These are the people that don't understand the fanatical nature of the "social justice" crowd they are up against. The solid people in GamerGate do, but Ayyteam moderates are causing tension.

In the long run I don't see MGTOW, who I have long considered to be weak-willed, offering us much. Certainly this is the case for any poster on reddit.

Instead I think we should follow the 48 laws, concentrate our forces and form a powerful republic, one with an agora, a strong citizen military, an assembly, etc., if you'll forgive me for going on at length with the analogy.

Our goal should be to be a strong Roman Republic type entity, not a league of city-states like Greece. I think this is inherent in us due to our character, and it will in the end prove conducive because this is a strong, muscular philosophy that attracts the type of people we want anyway, not MGTOWs who spend 90% of their time complaining about women.

Some type of accord with some of the tenets of Men's Rights might be plausible and desirable in the long run - if they can drop their passive-aggressive victimhood mentality, but not with these people who in my mind, are at best short term allies, as we're somewhat starting to see.

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05-23-2015 08:58 AM
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