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The Red Pill subreddit attacks me and neomasculinity
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RE: The Red Pill subreddit attacks me and neomasculinity
(05-24-2015 02:32 AM)Aurini Wrote:  No Ma'am - the site that coined the term MGTOW in the first place - has scrubbed all reference to it in light of the nonsense that migtown has become. XD

Great site, by the way; the authors aren't around much anymore, since they actually went their own way (presumably on motorcycles), but they're good enough to still maintain it.

H/T Matt Forney

What a strange website, its like the beginnings of the manosphere. Buried deep into the old internet. Excellent information presented on a bad and confusing website. I finally understand what they mean by MGTOW 1.0, that didn't last for long.

Roosh and return of kings, look amazing in comparison. They also wouldn't scare newbies off. Less is more and synthesizing the red pill into an adjective like Neomasculinity, with a fair amount of information is so much more appealing.
05-25-2015 09:32 AM
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