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Has anyone here joined Dollar Shave Club?
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RE: Has anyone here joined Dollar Shave Club?
(07-28-2015 04:06 PM)polar Wrote:  
(07-27-2015 11:38 AM)Aenigmarius Wrote:  Dollar Shave Club uses Dorco razors. You can buy them off Amazon for just as cheap and try them rather than being locked into a contract with DSC. I don't like them much because they don't seem well made and don't give a close shave.

(07-27-2015 08:02 AM)dark_g Wrote:  I was wondering if anyone here joined Dollar Shave Club and can give an unbiased review. The website has customer reviews, but I'm sure they censure all the critical reviews.

I heard advertisements for the Shave club on the radio and was thinking about joining.

They mail you a pack of 4 razor blades every month at a price that is significantly lower than the blades that I currently use(Gillette Sensor) and they offer different blade qualities at different prices $1, $6 and $9 options. Gillette is costing me about $14 for a pack of 4 blades.

I just wanted to know if someone had some insight on this.


I didn't know this.

Going to cancel my DSC subscription, use up my remaining blades, then decide if I want to use a safety razor or Dorco.


Oh shit, an old post of mine. Here's an update on my routine these days:

Shave Secret - love this shit, cheaper and better than any old shaving foam. 4-5 drops to shave, maybe a few more if there's a lot of hair. A tiny bottle lasts for 4 months or more, and is smaller to boot. It's $5-8 online, you'll find it for $3-4 apiece at Walmart. I buy 3-4 of these at Walmart when I pass through, which isn't often, and it lasts me over a year. I've tried other shaving oils and everything else is crap.

Generic safety razor, Feather blades - there was a learning curve to shaving with this without cutting myself. First 1-2 shaves were rough and I was left with 4-5 cuts on my face. I got better after 5-6 shaves, down to maybe 1 cut if I rushed. now I can usually get through it just fine. You want a single blade for taking off long hair that would clog up a cartridge. After that, you can touch up with the cartridge to get any stray hairs you might've not clipped entirely.

I'll even use a safety razor for a first pass to bushwhack in certain other areas. (warning: not for beginners or the faint of heart.)

Dorco 2-blade replaceable razors (same as DSC). When I'm in a big rush, traveling, and the hair is short. Just about impossible to cut yourself with these. I just ordered 32 cartridges and a spare handle from Dorco online. With a discount coupon it came out to $21 or so...that's like $0.65 per cartridge that lasts me a week. Can't be beat.

I've experimented with a cheapo straight razor, but the results weren't much better vs. the safety razor, and there was blood. Feather blades will cut you if you just look at them funny.

Sure gets the testosterone flowing, though.

In case you do cut yourself, a salicylic acid face wash, followed with aluminum pencil, can't hurt.

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