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Woman discovers 'boyfriend' of 2 years is woman when she removes blindfold during sex
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RE: Woman discovers 'boyfriend' of 2 years is woman when she removes blindfold
This thread reminds me of another story I heard from a girl years ago. I posted it in another thread

(08-13-2015 08:25 PM)PapayaTapper Wrote:  Years ago a girl I banged told me a story about running into her ex BF and one of his buddies at a bar about a year after he dumped her. They talked for a bit and then she left. She was outside in her car and about to leave when her ex walked up and tapped on her window. She rolled the window down and said something like this: (This was according to her a true story) I am paraphrasing

Ex "Hey I know we arent together anymore but you know I always loved your tits do you think I can just touch them one more time?" (She did have perfect tits and could almost orgasm from having her nipples played with a certain way)

Her "What? no fuck off"

Ex "Why not? you used to love it"

Her "No"

Ex "Please"

So this went back and forth for a couple minutes and she told me she finally said yes because she was a little drunk and because she was still into the guy. So she opened her shirt. He reaches in the window and starts to fondle her tits while she'sitting in her car in a parking lot and says:

Ex "Just close your eyes, lay back and relax"

So she does and his titty play goes on for a bit and she's got her eyes closed and getting into it. This goes on for like 3-4 minutes when she just happens to open her eyes and looks up to see her ex's buddy is the one playing with her tits. They had tag teamed and switched out while she had her eyes closed...surprise!

[Image: Farmville-Girl-Meme-601x230.jpg]

She laughed about it when she told me the story

To that guy


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