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Let's have a laugh - share some jokes
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RE: Let's have a laugh - share some jokes
A guy had a 30 inch cock (yeah right). It was hurting him a lot (no boxers fit enough for him). He asked to a friend about some help, and he got told to go to the deep forest, and search for a magical frog princess. When he would find her, he would ask her : "Will you marry me?" And his problem would be solved.

He went to the forest, saw the frog, and asked her: "Will you marry me?" She said "No." Then, magically, his cock shrinks by 6 inches.
He felt better, but still tought it was too long. So he asked her again the question. She answered : "NO!!!!!". His cock is 6 inches less again.

He is pretty satisfied with this, but wants to knock off another 6 inches, just for aesthetics. He asks her again: "Will you marry me??"
Then the frogs gets ready to jump into the water, and just before getting inside, yells at him: "NO, NO and NO!!!"

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Je suis le roi du monde!!!
03-06-2016 03:40 PM
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