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Let's have a laugh - share some jokes
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RE: Let's have a laugh - share some jokes
During the Alaskan Gold-Rush a man sells his meager farm and stakes his claim far out in the Alaskan wilderness. He has some luck, but after about six months he is running low on supplies, so he heads into town.

He gets stocked up on fresh supplies, gets himself a bath, then heads to the bar and orders up a bottle.

"Hey bartender!" He slurs after a couple of stiff belts, "Where can a man find a woman around here?"

"No women here yet. I hear they made it as far as Juneau, but not this far"

"Damnation!" The prospector muttered.

"You know, there's always 'Ol Joe, down at the end of the bar..." The bartender made a motion with his thumb.

"Naw, I don't go for that shit!"

So the miner loaded up and headed back out to his claim. After another six months, he was running low on supplies again and so headed back into town. Got his supplies, a bath and then to the bar...

"Hey bartender! Where can a fella get a woman?"

"'Fraid they still ain't made it this far just yet. They're up in Anchorage now, so's I hear, but not this far out."

"Sonofabitch!" The prospector slurred.

"Now, you know...there's always 'Ol Joe down at the end of the bar..."

"Naw, I don't go for that shit!"

The miner headed out and sure enough, six months, low supplies, back into town, supplies, bath, bar...

"Hey bartender! Any women make it into town yet?"

"Nope. I hear they in Barstow now, but not this far out"

"Bastard!" The miner cursed.

"Well, just sayin' there's always 'Ol Joe, down at the end of the bar..."

By now the miner was truly desperate and he started thinking. Then he motioned the bartender close and lowered his voice.

"Hey, if I take up 'Ol Joe up on this, who's all gotta know about it?"

"Well, me and you and 'Ol Joe...and those two guys down there next to Joe"

"What? Why do they have to know?"

"Well, 'cause 'Ol Joe, he don't go for that shit either"

Contrary to expectations, the AIDS crisis hasn’t yet killed all of the world’s performance artists.

-Jim Goad
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