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Let's have a laugh - share some jokes
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RE: Let's have a laugh - share some jokes
(02-27-2016 04:07 PM)debeguiled Wrote:  This one is kind of a cross between a joke and a boast. I tell it to women who are English majors.

I say, "You know how you aren't supposed to end a sentence with a preposition? Well, I can end a sentence with 6 prepositions. Wanna hear?" Curious creatures always say yes. Then I say:

"Ok, so there is this kid whose bedroom is on the second floor, and he asks his dad to read him a bedtime story, but his dad brings up a book that the kid doesn't like anymore, and so the kid says,

'Dad! Why did you bring that book I don't want to be read to from out of up for?'"

I read a truly overkill variant where the dad gets the book from the attic and the book is about Australia. "...I don't want to be read to from out of about Down Under from up for?"
11-16-2017 06:37 AM
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