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Let's have a laugh - share some jokes
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RE: Let's have a laugh - share some jokes
(11-27-2017 02:56 AM)Paracelsus Wrote:  A man is walking down the beach and finds a lamp in the sand. When he rubs the lamp, a genie pops out and offers him three wishes. "But," the genie tells the man, "there is a price. Whatever you get, whatever you wish for, your ex wife gets double.

The man says "I'd like a red Ferrari."
Bam, a red Ferrari appears right there. "And as I said, I have given your ex-wife two Ferraris," says the genie.
The man says, "I'd like a million dollars."
Bam, a million dollars in unmarked bills appears in front of the man. "And as I said, I have now given your ex-wife two million dollars," says the genie. "You have one wish left. What will it be?"

The man thinks about it for a moment.

Then he looks at the genie and says "Genie, I want to be beaten half to death."

I've heard the same joke but with a slightly different punchline.

"Well, I've always wanted to donate a kidney."

11-29-2017 10:27 PM
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