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Macklemore's "white privilege" album bombs
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RE: Macklemore's "white privilege" album bombs
(04-20-2016 01:33 PM)WestIndianArchie Wrote:  Gay rights are cool, blacks not so much.


Given how much he uses the term I and me, this album is really about one white guy's ennui about race.

To say it's about blacks is incorrect, this is his life told from his perspective -- black people just happen to inhabit some parts of his world. It just so happens that all the people he hates also hate black people, therefore "we need to talk about race." Cue white people arguing over how much better they are than blacks each other's privilege, as if that would change something in this world. The average white person can't even lose 20 pounds or approach an average-looking girl at a bar, how is the hollow politics of "privilege" going to change anything?

That's the whole problem with the "white privilege" concept is it fosters no change, just excessive amounts of psuedo self-insight, self-castigation and hollow political posturing. Since blacks are disadvantaged relative to whites, it allows many whites an avenue to obsess over themselves while not changing themselves.

Black people are cool insofar as they allow a white person to self-identify or self-brand. However, gays are far more effective for that these days, so. . .

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