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Macklemore's "white privilege" album bombs
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RE: Macklemore's "white privilege" album bombs
It amazes me that 'White Privilege II' has twelve listed co-writers, and then they wonder why something designed by committee appeals to no-one.

(04-20-2016 01:32 PM)General Stalin Wrote:  I'm sure his label feels the same way.

Certain conversations would have already been had. Expect the tour support and video budgets to dry up.

(04-20-2016 01:40 PM)debeguiled Wrote:  Blacks aren't cool?

I think in this case, it is more an issue of preachiness doesn't fit the medium.

We turn to music to feel positive emotions, not be lectured.

Do Blacks care to hear how a White Male Feels about Black Lives Matter? Do Self-Flagellating Whites who buy into White Privilege care to hear how a White Male feels about Black Lives Matter?

Particularly: when has it ever been cool for kids to buy music where the singer reinforces the same message a school teacher would have lectured you with earlier that day?

We had this back in my day too, where you could learn how TV was bad, and that illegal immigration was about compassion for poverty, and if you were homophobic your eventual destination was to be raped up the butt in jail, and no-one bought it then either:

[Image: Hypocrisy_Is_the_Greatest_Luxury_-_Album_Cover.jpg]

We're heading into the years where Millennial Purchasing and Viewping Power is dying off and is about to become the domainated by Gen Z tastes, who'll be around 15 or so now. Whilst I've seen some handwringing about how they're going to be even more fragile - I'd expect that in the Upper Classes. I'm noticing average working class children of that age group interact with each other in larger groups than the millennials, talk face to face, and are less interested in being buried in their phones at every moment. Still, they're switched on and connected and know how to look up information for themselves. As such, there's a huge shitlord streak appearing, whether it's the rebellions of the Chans and Gamergate; an 11-year-old rolling her eyes over Buzzfeed's hatred of males whilst multi-tasking; or a 9-year-old realising she can do a better job of reporting than the media by doing 'actual research' (coupled with an eyeroll).

Generational Change is coming, and SJW-ism is last year's thing, which is why it's no suprise to me we're starting to see the social media crackdowns that we are over the last year. I suspect these kids are so used to being bombarded with simultaneous information that they've become very skilled at filtering bullshit.

Of course, for the more conspiracy-minded members of the Forum, there's also this:

Quote:Macklemore was criticized for a performance he gave at Seattle’s Experience Music Project in May 2014 where he was unintentionally dressed in an outfit resembling a stereotypical Jew.
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