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Macklemore's "white privilege" album bombs
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RE: Macklemore's "white privilege" album bombs
(04-20-2016 05:45 PM)All or Nothing Wrote:  Let's focus on: criminal justice reform, police reform, and education reform.

Already achieved in the 1980's for the first two, and the 1970's for the latter. People from marginalised communities are victims of society and aren't responsible for their actions has been the dominant policing and criminal justice mantra for a good thirty years, and it turned my hometown into a warzone where the police throw up their hands in defeat because they know there's nothing they can do.

And yet the Marxist agitators still pretend it's 1975 and sell the image that the Police are a Patriarchal Institution where women don't have access to female officers post rape; where everyone hasn't already gone through diversity and sensitivity training; where cops can't get reprimanded for arresting gay guys having sex in public because it's part of their culture; where all signage doesn't had multiple language translations under each statement; and perps don't have ready access to interpreters 24/7.

Why is this false construct still being sold? Why do Feminist Groups at university discourage women from reporting their rapes to the police, or contacting the various Women's Crisis Centre's who are trained to deal with those situations? Why this repeated message that you won't be believed and that institutional actors are still uneducated?

The Black Community is currently-being used by Socialists to gain further control for their own ends, and if they buy into their bullshit, they will be discarded and remarginalised once the revolution happens. Why do you think working class whites are so currently-demonised? We refused to play ball with the Marxists and uprise in the glorious revolution they demanded of us, and now the narrative is that we deserve to die.

Marxists don't care about marginalised populations. They care about power. There is 100 years of Communist History to study that shows this again and again: if the black community challenges their power post-overthrow, they will simply round them all up and slaughter them, en masse. Particularly if there's a large component of Black Christians in the mix - that segment is guaranteed death.

Rich people always get their way. It's just how it is.
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04-20-2016 06:15 PM
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