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Macklemore's "white privilege" album bombs
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Exclamation RE: Macklemore's "white privilege" album bombs
(04-20-2016 01:44 PM)Rutting Elephant Wrote:  Not as bad as Eminem's attempt to sway the 2004 election for Kerry.

Eh, it wasn't so bad. I like to think both Bush and Kerry were horrible, just in different ways. Macklemore is a little punk. Fuck does he know about growing up ghetto, unlike Eminem who grew up piss poor and was pissed on and beat up by black kids when he was a young'n?
Plus Eminem never actually apologized for that "Foolish pride" song. He just Trumped over that shit. That's how you move units. Not by being a whiny bitch.
Of course a lot of black people are going to think " yo, this guy's gonna profit off of a song about black oppression, and he's white. He can't do that". It's a race to be the biggest victim. Macklemore, as a "privileged white male" will never have the same degree of authenticity as a black artist on the issue of "privilege"
Fucker tried to pin the gawd Em's success on him being white. It backfired hard, and this is his downward spiral. What's a middle class white guy going to rap about anyway? Should have at least made a Donald Trump song.
04-20-2016 08:01 PM
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