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Guriko's Notes
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Guriko's Notes
It was a chilly December afternoon when I exited unto the streets of the city out of the library where I was studying for my upcoming Neurology exam. Words from someone whom I sadly do not remember were dancing in my head: ‘Buy a notebook. Write your thoughts and see them change in front of your eyes as time passes. So will you.’

It was a spur of the moment decision – I went into the bookstore where I bought all my books for the semester and purchased an A5 black notebook with leather covers. It was not the cheapest of investments for a student but somehow I felt a connection with the little black tome.

That day I started writing my thoughts which popped into my head. Be they my original creation or from someone else. Writing seems to make them eternal. The ink on the paper speaks back to me. Like I am talking to my younger self. Sometimes I wish the older me would have given the younger me a good punch for the stupid shit I did. But alas, one only learns through his mistakes. The best one can hope for is that no error in judgment is so severe that it causes harm to you, your loved ones or strangers.

You are about to read my reflections upon life, through a 6 month period, as I walk through it. Recording ones musings is an interesting endeavor I would recommend to all. One learns about himself in ways not really suspected.

Not everything, not even half of what you will read is a true product of my own. I very much like to read and it serves me well to scribble down the sentences which truly resonate with me or I wish to take them as inspiration.

I have grown tired of forgetting the Knowledge of Men. I want to know, I want to understand, I want to internalize. Many things you will read were first written by either respected forum members, ROK authors, Quintus, Mike Cernovich, Victor Pride, Chris from GLL or notable (or less notable) book authors.

I take no credit whatsoever. I consider myself blessed being given the opportunity to read such monumental works which have broadened my horizons and given me meaning and hope in my darkest hours.

Some things will repeat themselves because I am a fool who needs to discipline myself. I did not wish to omit them because I believe it would cheapen the whole thing. I wish to show you everything, with honesty and integrity.

These are the ponderings of a young punk in his twenties, please take this into consideration. I am no Wise Man. Just a Kid who wishes to become a Man. Maybe one day even a Wise one.

My intention or why I am sharing this with you is the single hope that some will find use for these. Even if it will give one person a reason to try again, a reason to not give up, but wield the sword and shield once more and lounge themselves into the fray, a reason to be inspired… anything! I will have considered this a worthy endeavor.

In fact, it already is, for it has truly helped me. It’s really interesting to read ones thoughts 6 months ago and how quickly things change. Nothing is static, everything is dynamic.

If the numbering will seem odd to you, it is so with my intention – I have disregarded those things that directly relate to my private life. I apologize in advance and ask for your understanding.

My (current) mottos

You must do the most productive thing at every given moment. What are you doing right now?

Every day I will be one brick better of a Man than I was yesterday.

Adapt your life around the lifestyle you wish to live.

Preparation, preparation, preparation!

Do not do multiple things at the same time but do one thing at a time. No multitasking! Focus!

I will become the best damn physician in the whole Manosphere. And the most satisfied one.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Rejection is better than regret.


1. We wish new technologies, when even the old ones we do not truly understand.

2. The demon within you is making you waste your time. Do not silence him, guide him! Make a plan for each day and think about how you will execute it.

3. A man is not born a man. He must become a man. Once he becomes a man he must strive to become a king. After he becomes a king thousand of whores disguising themselves as princesses will woo for his attention. Carefully he must have learned how to discern the harlots from the Queen. After finding his queen he must strive to rule over his domain as a Philosopher King. The question which remains unanswered is: ‘How big shall my domain be?’

4. A divided mind does its task dividedly. Many are started but none finished properly. Plan your task carefully and execute them with enthusiastic fervor.

5. As you must exhaust your mind, so too, you must exhaust your body. Balance must be maintained, for only then shall you sleep well.

6. Who works must also rest. Even rest must be planned beforehand.


7. Red Pill is Treatment. What we need is Prevention – a Red Vaccine.

8. Every time, when you try to exaggerate you burn out. Exaggerate right before the crucial moment, with the help of adrenaline. Before that it makes no sense.

9. Three meals a day – eat good and healthy.


10. Preparation is key. Improvisation becomes a consequence of said preparation. Be flexible within your own plans!

11. Build upon your strengths. Own your weaknesses, but work to minimize them.


12. To be perfect you cannot wait on the perfect moment or opportunity. In order to become perfect you must perfect every single moment and opportunity.


14. You can plan for yourself. But not yet for yourself and your love. When you are alone make a plan for yourself. When you are with her make a plan for yourself, her and for both.

15. Plan, plan, PLAN!

16. How will you seize the day when you are tired? On those days you must force yourself to make a plan. Plan your rest and seize the day!

17. Disengage from all activities which rob you of your energy and time but are not productive. The internet poses a serious problem.

18. The former plan for studying is not applicable. Why? Because Men are not good in doing many things at the same time. Me especially not. But I am good at concentrating 100% on one single effort. Do one thing at a time. Piece by piece. Building is meant to be in a sequential order. You do not build the foundation and roof at the same time. Both are started but none completed.

19. Movement, movement, movement!

20. A Man leads. If he is a true Man then the others shall follow him. A true Man believes in himself and the actions he undertakes. Even if they are painful.


22. Happy New Year! Now fight!


23. How to parallel park a car (on the right side of the road):

- When you can see the back end of the car through your rear triangular window – start turning right
- When you see the whole car in your right side mirror – straighten the steering wheel
- When your right side mirror is aligned with the left bumper of the car – start turning left and straighten the car

Note: I apologize if this is hard to understand. Simply put – it’s a bitch translating such terms from my mother language into English.


24. Home is for resting and family. The library and university are for studying and work. Do not mix those things. Train outside!


25. Do not multitask. Turn the volume down, no, silence the music!

26. Be a rock within a droplet of water. Solid principals but flexible enough to go through any crack be it yet so small.

27. What is my foundation? What is, exactly, my goal?

To set an example.

The foundations upon which I will build:

- Being a loving patriarch towards my wife.
- My family will love me.
- My friends will cherish me.
- My enemies will respect me.

28. Do not waste time. The seconds become minutes, the minutes become hours, the hours become days, the days become weeks, the weeks become months and the months become years. How much time, until now, have you wasted? STOP IT!

29. Be strict upon yourself but also permit yourself to indulge.

30. Less forums and internet – make use of the time!

31. How will I become financially independent?


32. Take responsibility for your actions.

33. Cut costs where it is prudent. Spare no expense where it is worth it.

34. Do not multitask!

35. Passive income, books and video games.

36. How to seize the day with maximum efficiency?

37. It does not matter how long you work, what matters is how much you accomplish during the time you work.

38. It is better to spend one hour studying in the library, than three hours at home.

39. You are afraid of failing. Stop. As long as you do not destroy yourself, the ones you love or innocents you can, no, you must, try as many times as it takes.

40. Get a gym membership.

41. I feel passion towards change.

42. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.


42. Rubbish in = rubbish out. Avoid negative media, people and places. Humans are influenced, whether they like it or not, by their environment.

43. Body and Mind are linked – good diet, good exercise and good sleeping habits are tantamount.

44. You become what you think about – if you focus on negative thoughts that is what you are inviting more off in your life. Focus on what you want and ignore the rest!

45. What is my goal? To become HOMO MEDICUS CIRCULI!

46. Calculate weekly expense compounded over 10 years – expense times 752.
Calculate monthly expense compounded over 10 years – expense times 173.


47. Calculated sleep deprivation has proven anti – depressive effects.

48. Empires were built brick by brick, step by step. But continuously, without pause and with unbridled optimism.

49. The secret of getting ahead is getting started.


51. Take away porn. Take away forums. Take away politics. Take away Facebook. How much time have you gained?

52. No porn – don’t look at porn. No fap – do not touch your genitals.

53. Plan, plan, PLAN!

54. We’ve become people of now, instead of then.

55. My daily obligations.

8 hours of work – minimally.
25 pages of a medicinal book – this first!
5 blog posts by Money Mustache (write where you left off!).
5 blog posts by Return of Kings (write where you left off!).
Every lecture and seminar must be studied!
50 pages of a book.
Two pages of the Holy Bible.


56. Read House of God.

57. Appearance, presentation and substance.

58. Medicine has become chaos. Perhaps it always was chaos? For the first time in my life I try ease the pain within my heart by writing into a small black booklet. Why do I feel anxiety? Because I wish to find a system within a system which is totally confused?

Because I try to swim within a river, whose currents change directions every now and then? It does not matter how I try to swim – against the current, with the current, under the current it turns me around and carries me wherever it wishes. Mercilessly and indifferently. Brutally, because it simply exists and does not care about me.

It’s simple really. It’s bigger than me and stronger. I represent a droplet within its ocean, a cell within its body. Do I care about MY cells? No. How then can I expect, that the system, Nature itself shall care about me? I don’t. I could but I’ll only get disappointed.


59. Kingdoms were built with a million little actions. But tirelessly.

60. Do not fight against Nature. Cooperate with her. Do not fight against Faith, accept it. Cooperate, accept and relax.

61. Learn for the exam. Study for yourself. Educate oneself.

62. Version two of my daily obligations

8 hours of work – minimally  every lecture, seminar and exercise.
10 pages of a medicinal book.
5 blog posts by Money Mustache (write where you left off!).
5 blog posts by Return of Kings (write where you left off!).
Calisthenics (Convict Conditioning) – 1 hour per day!
50 pages of a book.
Make a plan for each day beforehand!

General plan

1. Wake up. 2. Unfold the curtains. 3. Turn on the light. 4. Make coffee. 5. Make tea with a lemon and take your nootropics.
6. Drink your Smoothie. 7. Go for a walk and do Convict Conditioning. 8. Groom. 9. Daily obligations. 10. Lunch.
11. Read and make a plan for the following day. 12. Arrive home --> take your clothes off, things out of the backpack, clean your bottle, manage your bills and make yourself dinner. Eat, shower and talk with your loved one. Prepare things for the next day and rest. Sleep. 13. No porn! 14. You may check Facebook, Return of Kings and your political sites maximally 3 times per day. 15. Visit sites you cheer for in order to give them traffic!


63. Antonio Vieira

‘We are what we do. What we don’t do doesn’t exist. Therefore, we can only exist on days when we do. On the day we don’t do, we simply endure.’

‘ The purpose of men who have invented the book was to cherish the memory of past things, against the tyranny of time and against forgetting men.’

64. If I study for an exam my knowledge is skewed but I pass the exam.
If I study to understand my knowledge is adequate but I do not pass the exam.
If I study for an exam and to understand then I have no time to learn on how to be a Man.
What to do?
Become a Man, study for the exams and supplement your knowledge on medicine in your spare time.

66. The emptiness inside of me is a consequence of lacking in masculinity. With each book that I will read and each endeavor I will successfully undertake will it be filled, little by little. The moment when it is full will I know what I wish in life.

67. Do not masturbate. Use the time efficiently instead.

68. How will you become an active member on Return of Kings?

69. Be a visionary, a planner. Not a dreamer.

70. Let go of the past.

71. Garbage in, garbage out.

72. Reduce the sensory stimulus overload.

73. Strive to become a man of virtue!

74. Women must be guided.

75. What is my quest? My call?


76. I fear her cries and tears. Why? Am I her slave? A slave of her emotions?

77. Disconnect from the modern world and read books. You thought you knew. You know nothing. Never stop reading.

78. You use comics and masturbation as a means to calm yourself. Find something more productive.

79. My main problem – I care too much about other people’s opinions. STOP IT!

80. I can give you my child.
I can give you my heart.
But I cannot give you my soul.

81. Serious matters must be dealt with personally. Not over Skype, the phone or some such!


82. Even St. Augustine lied to his own mother.

83. Problems of the heart may be discussed with a woman. Problems of the soul never, only with a wise man.

84. What prevents my personal growth? Pornography, Facebook, Manga (comics) and politics.


85. St. Benedict: ‘Idleness breeds temptation.’


86. No matter what decision I will make.
No matter which path I will choose.
Pain awaits me.
I do not fear it. I do not run from it.
I welcome it. I accept it.

For Pain is Lady Fortune in disguise.
And only the Bold are worthy of her.
For only the Bold conquer her.
And make her their woman.


87. Men are satisfied. Women are happy.

88. Plan. Accurately and methodologically.

89. ‘It is not that we have so little time, but that we lose so much. The life we receive is not short but we make it so; we are not ill provided but use what we have wastefully.’ – Seneca

90. Prepare training regimens for us both. Manage the health of both. Manage the money of both.

91. I do not wish to teach. I wish to inspire.


92. I will become methodical.
I will become prepared.
I will have passion.
I will have fanatical willpower.
I will learn to turn off my fear.

93. The key is overall fitness.


94. ‘There is only you and your hard work. But that, brother, is enough. You and your spirit.’ – Quintus Curtius


95. Reason must govern appetite!

96. Perception, not reality, is what matters!

97. Things are not linear. Progress is uneven. Like movements of the soul.

98. ‘In life, and in art, the moral forces are more important than all of the data saved up by statistics and numbers.’ – Quintus Curtius

99. ‘Choice is not an end, but chooses things related to an end.’ – Francesco Filelfo

100. Have intent!


101. The goal is not only fitness, but overall fitness.

102. The only way to get rid of feeling shame is to be shamed so many times that you stop caring about it.


103. You will find your life’s vision and mission.

104. ‘You and only you are the driver of your own buss down this road we call Life. Everybody else is a mere passenger. Either they accept your path and style of driving or they can fuck off on the next stop.’ – (inspired by) Quintus Curtius

105. What I wish to be:

- A Philosopher King
- Gray Man
- 10 000 000 000 dollars worth
- Make my own dynasty
- Have power

106. To what use is a woman to me? What are my obligations towards her?


107. Be busy, be useful.

108. Do not talk. Listen to understand.

109. When something is tiring then it means it gives you opportunities to grow.

110. Stop looking at yourself like a victim! Have you TRULY done everything that was within your power?

111. Lay down with dogs and you will wake up with fleas.

112. Pain catalyses growth!

113. Hypnotize yourself into the present moment and observe what lies before you.

114. Am I working hard enough to provide for my family?

115. ‘The mass of men, live a life of quiet desperation.’ – Henry David Thoreau

116. Why do I want to sleep with other women?


117. Focus on vision rather on what you are afraid of.

118. How to sell in 4 seconds – be sharp as a tack, enthusiastic as hell and an expert in your field.

119. Take NOTES!

120. Jordan Belforts 4 Keys to Life Success (by Mike Cernovich):

- Vision.
- The ability to manage your state – MASTER YOUR STATE! – Certainty, Clarity and Courage.
- Manage your beliefs and eliminate limiting beliefs – you are not your past.
- Adopt the right strategy and raise your standards.

121. I will not be a wage slave.

122. In business either you do it or someone else does it, but it will get done.

123. What I need to make a business work: time, money and people.

124. How will I overcome the obstacles I face?

125. Patton on leadership – be audacious, audacious, audacious! GET UP, STAND UP AND REACH OUT!

126. Read the Winning Brief by Bryan Garner.

127. I don’t need everybody to like me.

128. Read Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield.

129. What are my key beliefs?

I wish to read books.
I wish to train.
I wish to fuck.
I do not wish to deal with drama.
I wish to make money.
I wish to become a father.

130. Am I grateful for what I have? Be grateful day every day!

131. Do not fear loss. As long as you have yourself you have everything.

132. Become obsessed to the point of madness. Become obsessed with excellence.

133. ‘I have never left the gym feeling worse than when I arrived at the gym.’ – Mike Cernovich

134. Not changing will cost me.

135. Time spent brooding could be spent productive.

136. Don’t dwell on it, deal with it!

137. Self control is like a muscle. Use it judiciously.

138. You are in control of you. Take responsibility for your life.

139. I was a coward. I was happening to me. My only plan IS me. Invest in myself; Me, Inc. NOW!

140. Vigilance is a virtue you live every second of every day. It is the chief of the masculine virtues.

141. Each decision I make is a brick I lay. Rome was not built in a day. Nor will my life be. Start laying bricks.

142. Be around big things to realize how small you are.

143. Buy Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich. Life – buy the ticket and take the ride.

144. Do not judge, perceive.

145. The law of attraction --> thinking about something in a conscious way because that will direct your unconscious mind to seek out those opportunities --> my unconscious mind is going to start attracting like a magnet, the things I want.

a. Focus on the vision – what you want.
b. See opportunities everywhere.
c. Seize the opportunity. Take what you want. Keep what you have killed.

146. Frame Control

Thoughts --> Self – Talk (Frame) --> Emotions (State) --> Power

Frame your problem as being small relative to a worse problem. Problems equal preparation for something great! Once I’ve gotten through this problem I will have a reservoir of experience that will make me unstoppable. Yes this hurts. This sucks. But once it is over, no one will be able to stop me.


The choice is mine.

(by Mike Cernovich)

147. If you hit a road block in your life --> go back to basics.

148. No remorse, no apologies, no regrets.

149. Read The Forging of a Modern American Ranger by Dick Couch.

150. You cannot become a master until you’ve mastered the basics.

151. Start living an intentional life.

152. When did you feel unstoppable? By Mike Cernovich.

Who were you with? What were you doing? When was it? Where was it? Why did you feel unstoppable?

153. ‘If you are going through hell, keep going.’ – Winston Churchill

154. Don’t coast through life. Be ready for the moment when it will hit me.

155. Mindset by Mike Cernovich --> an established set of attitudes held by someone.



157. Fear is the old me. In order to become better I must kill the old me.


158. What is it that I want? Is this my voice or the voice of the West?

159. Her motions are the unpredictable, often chaotic storm bearing down on the land. He is the solid oak that stands firmly in place before and after its passing – By a ROK author


160. They key of peace within a Man soul lies in the center of a triangle formed by Power, Money and Women.

161. A man needs to be satisfied. A woman needs to feel safe.

162. No remorse, no apologies, no regrets.

163. A woman must be moral and loyal, put an effort to keep fit, make me happy and be dedicated to raise a family.

A man must be a good provider, take care of his woman, take care of his children and look good.

164. I can sport fuck a chick and not care about it later.

165. Men and women are not equal and therefore equal standards should not apply. Double standards exist. – By a Roosh V forum member (Black Knight)

166. How to pick the right wife. By Victor Pride

Marriage is a business contract. Why would men want to get married? To raise a family and for political reasons.

Goals of a marriage:

- Minimize the chance for a divorce and child robbery.
- Maximize wives happiness with wifely and motherly duties.
- Have a healthy, happy family with well educated and respectful children.

Be honest about what I want --> a sweet, nice, joyful and feminine woman who treats me like a KING!

Don’t be a male suck up!

I am not an American – check upon the divorce laws within your country!

When to settle? When you are 30 years old.

12 Rules when picking a Wife (and how I have answered it with my current relationship)

1. She must be young --> she has given me her best years.
2. Intact family with an original father and mother --> her parents divorced on the initiation of her father 6 years into our relationship and she still respects him.
3. She cannot believe in divorce or even getting a divorce --> she does not.
4. She must have the natural body type you prefer --> she does.
5. She must be image conscious --> she is.
7. She must be family oriented and not career oriented --> she wishes for me to pursue a career while she works part time as we start out and be home for our kids.
8. She must be a good girl --> she was with me when I hit rock bottom. She is.
9. She must have no problem signing a pre – nuptial --> she has no problems.
10. She must change for me --> she did.
11. She must look up to you and respect you --> she does.
12. She must be a smiler. Every time I come she should smile --> she does.

Party girls are for fun. Good girls are for marriage.

She must cook --> she does so beautifully with the recipes of her mother and grandmother.

My options will not dwindle with age. They will increase. Even more so as I will self improve. THIS IS IMPORTANT. DO NOT FORGET!

I will not tolerate a lazy, entitled, ‘me – first’ attitude woman.

Don’t let have complete power of the décor.

I am the leader. She is the follower. LEAD HER!

If she loves me she will enjoy everything about me. HAVE VISION!

Marriage must be old school traditional in order to work.
Never marry just because. Have purpose and reason.
Marriage is a dangerous proposition. Learn to swim before you dive in.

If she is my soul mate --> she will stay with me.

The best suitable wife should come from your own culture, your own country.

Only nuclear families enable civilizations to flourish!


Important --> you are not an American which is why there will be cultural differences which you must understand and accept.

167. Can society ills be traced back to ‘equality’?

168. The female imperative is that of equality which goes against Nature as nothing within Nature is equal which is why the female imperative is WRONG.

The male imperative is that of inequality which is in concordance with Nature as everything within nature is different. If everything within Nature is different than everything is, at the same time, equal. Truth without paradox is not truth, which is why the male imperative is RIGHT.

169. Joe DeFranco Agile 8 to Warm up before the Gym

Foam Roll It Band (30 seconds per side)
Foam Roll Piriformis/Glutes (30 seconds per side)
Foam Roll Adductors (30 seconds per side)
Rollovers into V – sits (10 reps)
Fire Hydrants (10 Forward and Backward Circles per side)
Mountain Climbers (20 reps)
Groiners (10 reps)
Hip Flexor Stretch (3 sets of 10 seconds per leg)

170. When it comes to Neomasculinity – I’m in it for the long haul.


171. Desires are limitless resources are limited.

172. Governments do not rule, they overrule.


174. Andrology --> who takes care of the health of Men?

175. Everyday build brick by brick. Do not rush. Give Nature its time.


176. I do not need to live in a free society in order to be free myself.

177. People do not react to things as I do.

178. The biggest question --> what is it that I want to do and do I want it for myself?

179. I have no duty to cooperate with the lives of others.

180. Do not justify mistakes by perpetuating them.

181. Everything has a price --> am I getting what I want for the things I am letting go?

182. A black box --> what am I paying to stay in the box, what is the cost to get out of the box and what can I do after I get out?

183. I am the sovereign authority over my life.

184. Never credit or blame my life to others.

185. To be free, you only must make the decision to be free.

186. Self – reference, self – knowledge and self – control leads to sovereignty.

187. Why complicate things to be everything to all the people in the world?

188. Time spent together should be doing things one enjoys together. Love must be a blessing and not a burden.

189. From a distance everything looks perfect.

190. Pay for results and not for time.

191. We look for financial, intellectual and emotional security.

192. How to deal with the world --> self reliance, vigilance and honesty with myself.

193. There is no time for anything but meaningful acts if we live with death as our eternal companion.

194. Be all that you can be.

195. Transpersonal commitment.

196. A warrior is loyal to another. A hero is loyal to himself.

197. ‘There is someone who is afraid and in despair. Now what can he do about this?’

198. Am I taking care for myself?

199. There will always work needed to be done.

200. The path of being a Good Man knows no end.


201. I do not want more. I want to be more.

202. Give a second chance. Never a third.

204. Train for longevity.

205. Accessing my archetypical powers --> active imagination, Dialogue, Invocation and ‘As if’ questions.


[Image: Mqx1Z5Pl.jpg]

This picture requires explanation. In one his podcasts Mike Cernovich advocated to read this book called King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine saying that it helped him get a better understanding of himself.

After reading it myself I agree. This book describes the male’s personality from a Jungian perspective. Jung was a pupil of Freud but went on to develop his own theories about the psyche and soul. This book basically says that the male personality is divided into four archetypes when we are young and four archetypes when grow into adults. The names and characteristics of the archetypes differ with age but they can still be summed up into: King, Warrior, Magician and Lover.

Each of the 4 archetypes has its ideal state, its shadow state and its over the top state. For example: the kingly archetype --> the ideal state is the King, the shadow state is the Weakling and the over the top state is the Tyrant.

Within the text it is explained that every Man has a tendency towards one archetype, be it King, Warrior, Magician or Lover. It provides ample explanation for each and also gives examples. It says that this is good for it gives our species diversity and the ability of labor specialization. It was so since the beginning of time, one could say. There will be Men who will wish to Govern and Conquer, Men who will wish to Fight and Explore, Men who will wish to Study and Tinker and Men who will wish to Love and Dream.

Jungians argue that male personality disorders and problems arise when the four archetypes get out of order or when it gets to a point that exogenous or endogenous factors let the shadow or over the top state overtake our outwards i.e. the one other’s can see personality.

They advise and base their therapy on realigning the states and by giving patients the ability to find the one they feel the most connected to. I think you guys know deep inside and instinctively what you really are or what make you alive – be it fights, power, women or Natures unknown.

As self help they give tips on how we can access these powers through either active imagination, Dialogues, Invocation or As If questions. They encourage giving each archetype within your soul a visualization so it will be easier to ‘talk’ to them. You do not need to talk aloud but if you wish than you should most certainly do so.

Find a quiet room and visualize these 4 Archetypes and simply ask them questions: ‘How would a just King handle this situation with my employee?’ ‘How would a Lover best approach this woman?’ ‘Am I letting the Tyrant rule over me and make my family suffer?’ Etc.

I’ll give myself as an example. Here are pages where I give each of the archetypes within myself a picture and name. These things are subjects to change of course. Momentarily it serves me best when I believe:

- The Warrior to be Mike Cernovich (on the picture – Solaire of Astora from a game called Dark Souls)

[Image: JCuleuwl.jpg]

- The King to be Victor Pride (on the picture – a painting of Odin I found on DeviantArt).

[Image: UONmQMNl.jpg]

- The Magician to be Quintus Curtius (on the picture – Gandalf)

[Image: AtnCA4Fl.jpg]

- The Lover to be Chris from Good Looking Loser (on the picture – actor Errol Flynn)

[Image: NEFEkU0l.jpg]

When I am faced with a problem I take 15 to 30 minutes in the evening for myself in a room where every electronic device is shut down and I have peace and simply talk to them. How would Mike face this problem? How would Quintus calm down? Where would he find the resources needed in order to find a solution for this problem? How would Chris go on about getting this girl? How would Victor conquer this quest? And etc.

These are all figments of my imagination which I call upon when I am stressed out or need to reaffirm myself. It borders on the esoteric but it has helped me.

I hope I’ve given an adequate description because the subject is very dense to put into a page or two. I really recommend the book! It’s a short read, 200 pages so it won’t take long. It is even shorter, if you won’t like it. Ha-ha.

Interesting tidbit: in this book it is theorized that Patriarchy is a defect immature form a masculine energy whereas Masculinity is its perfect mature state.

206. Do not equate lust with love.

207. Brick by brick. Bird by bird.


208. Without a vision the people perish.

209. A man must realize his own limitations and seek help when needed.

210. Sovereignty leads to action and consequences which determine what is right and wrong.

211. Emotional security is subject to change.

212. Do not permit yourself to exploited.

213. I cannot demand someone to be less selfish than me.

214. Be a happy and loving misogynist. – by ROK author Edward Thatch

215. I cannot have them all.

216. I will not sacrifice the present moment for a vague future or a promising future for an indulgent present.

217. We lie to get something for nothing but pay a bigger price in the end.

218. Be honest 100% of the time with 100% of people.

219. We put masks on our faces which weigh on the soul. The longer we wear them the heavier they become. In the end they pull us under and leave us shattered.


220. Good habits represent solid bricks which enable Man to build his own empire.

221. I will become the best goddamn physician in the whole Neomasculine movement.


222. Everything depends on me.

223. Preparation, preparation, preparation!

224. Visualization, visualization, visualization!

225. The only equity which guarantees continuous profits during and even after your life is MINDFULNESS BASED SWEAT EQUITY.

226. Authenticity is key!

227. The only product I can sell and nobody else is myself and my Journey.

228. Eat your own soup!

229. Live like nobody can so you shall live like nobody will be able to!

230. Become an authentic expert in your field.

231. You will find what you seek.

232. The best day to start was yesterday!


233. Always ask her these questions before you go to bed: how are you feeling? Do we have to talk? Do we need to go to the grocery store? Do you need anything?


234. Comfort is the enemy of ambition.

235. Visualize and have self talks.


236. If you have made an unforgivable sin… forgive yourself.

237. Talking to strangers is tantamount to success. If you cannot than you will always be average.

238. Nothing ever will be perfect. Strive for it but you will never reach it. Accept and let go of such rigid thinking.

239. What is Man and Woman made for?

240. I see prostitutes which spark lust and I attribute them compassion. Why cannot I see my love which sparks compassion and attribute her lust?

241. What does Man need more? Love or sex? Can he have both? Must my Woman know? Must he have both to be satisfied?

242. Conflict is LIFE! Do not fear it. Embrace it. Let it pummel you, harden you. Then master it.

243. God’s will is probability. Do not fight it but obey it.

244. People and idea oriented persons.

245. I can only change what people know. Not what they do.

246. The trick to a relationship is to be together but remain autonomous at the same time.

247. Arguments result from faulty information.

248. Women judge others based on how much they are willing to sacrifice. Men judge others based on objective usefulness i.e. how useful someone is.

249. In order to get along with people one must diminish his accomplishments and exaggerate his flaws. Lie if needed.


251. Ingredient for a successful social living:

- Express gratitude.
- Give more than is expected.
- Speak optimistically.
- Touch people.
- Do not confuse flexibility with weakness.
- Don’t judge people by their mistakes --> judge them how they respond to their mistakes.
- My physical appearance is for the benefit of others.
- Attend my own basic needs first; otherwise I will not be useful to anyone else.

252. Affirmations lead to heightened mental tuning which leads to heightened focus which improves the chance of noticing an opportunity in the environment.

253. The subconscious is connected with the conscious via affirmations.

254. To be aware means to unlearn. I do not know as much as I thought.

255. Ideas are the only thing that can change the world. The rest is details.


256. The market can stay erratic longer than you can stay solvent. – John Maynard Keynes (I believe)

257. Lust is not love. Control your shadow.

258. Visualize your perfect day.

259. You are the sum of your habits and the average of the 5 people you spend your time with.

Spend your time wisely.
Choose your friends carefully.

Podcast by Mike Cernovich.


260. My love must make a good and nutritious breakfast and lunch.

261. Your perfect day?



263. Take care for your own health!



266. Only because you can does not mean that you should.

267. Internet and pornography are the temptations of Modern Man.

268. Nowadays we have so many relationships. But all are shallow. We’ve lost the meaning of deeper intimacy.

269. Don’t be an observer of sex! Engage and become a player!

270. It is not that we do not have time – WE WASTE IT! It is not that we do not have the time for an activity but we do not take it!

271. Be a visionary, not a dreamer.

272. Time is our most precious resource! Each moment not used as you would have wanted is forever lost! NEVER AGAIN SHALL I ALLOW SOMEONE TO STEAL MY TIME! LEAST OF ALL MYSELF!

273. If I have time to look at porn than self improve.
If I have time to masturbate than self improve.
If I have time to think about sex than self improve.

274. Physicians say: ‘We are elite.’ What kind of elite are you, actually?

275. A girl does not want to be comfortable, but excited.

276. I will become a philosopher king.
An aggressive gentleman.



278. Sex should be fun and not an obligation.


279. I will become a philosopher king.
An aggressive gentleman.
A nimble navigator. (Had to, sorry.)
A subtle persuader.

280. How many tasks a day can I perform and not multitask? Should many tasks be performed each day a little or be placed within different days and be concentrated on?

281. Are there fundamental tasks that must be performed each day? Are other ‘features’? Do not succumb to featurism!

282. We are not meant to multitask!

283. Women are bees. I can either become a bee – catcher or honey. I’ve decided to become honey.


284. Work harder AND smarter.

285. Work on one project at a time. Focus. Fail. Rinse and repeat until you succeed.

286. Why do I want to fuck other girls? Do I even need to fuck other girls? Who needs to fuck other girls in order to be satisfied? Me? Perhaps.

287. Can I not be a loving father and provider while also bang a woman on the side? Are such actions even necessary?

288. Are Hypocrites, who smash through old paradigms and rules, needed to pull the World into a better place?

289. Can this (the upper sentence) be considered an obligation towards society?

290. Do I even have an obligation to Society? I guess I do; but towards my fellow Men.

291. What is needed for a Man to feel fulfilled?

292. Physicians are like lawyers --> we must do satisfactory jobs in inadequate amounts of time. Don’t bitch about it. Design a solution around it and use such limitations as an advantage!

293. Are men truly against women? Can we truly not cooperate?

294. Everything is dependent on Man. Thus he must be let to bathe in his glory for his accomplishments and bear the weight of his failures on his shoulders.

295. Is shame an intrinsic feeling within humans or a learned one? What purpose does it have? Is it a roadblock towards my path of becoming a Man or a barrier which shields me from falling into the abyss?

296. Can shame be unlearned? Why do I fear it so?

297. Why do I fear conflict? Without it there is no progress!

298. My lifestyle must be in accordance with my life vision.

Lifestyle <-- --> life vision.

My perfect day is my life vision.

299. Stay with her and don’t fuck a lot of other women. Fuck a lot of other women and don’t stay with her. What will I regret? Either way, make a choice and live with the consequence. Buy the ticket and take the ride.

300. Body language --> proximetry and isopraxy. Be subtle!


301. Work hard for two days, one day less hard, work hard for two days and one day less hard. Rest for one day. Repeat.

302. When you are under stress than you must return to your roots.

303. Sexual energy transmutation.


304. Why do I wish to be with women?

305. Design your life with a constant state of flow and momentum in mind. Concept of a circle, which represents the perfect form. Do not forget to rest so you do not lose the momentum!

306. What are the basic needs in life? Sleep, water, food, sex. Wish, passion! The allotted time given to you by God or Universe is limited. Make use of every single moment.

307. Momentarily above maximal effort so you pull yourself on a higher level!


308. The habit loop: cue --> routine --> reward.

309. Does it really get old fucking one girl? Have you tried out everything? Every position? Every toy? Every kink?

310. We differentiate three levels of the brain: the reptile brain which ensures our survival, the limbic brain which makes us act on instinct and cannot be influenced and our neocortex with which we think and rationalize.

Can other parts in this world also be dissected into three parts?

311. Heed the Gypsies call: ‘Be careful what you wish for. It may come true.’

312. A true alpha male does whatever he wants.
He is capable of enduring the consequences of his decisions.
He does not whine about the state of his life.
He OWNS his life.

313. Do not fear new experiences. Be they good or bad. You are still richer for one more.


314. Men are rational. Women are emotional.

315. Does chasing pretty girls mean chasing illusions? Why chase? Why not be chased instead?

316. The body differentiates between basic and higher functions. Your days must also differentiate between basic and higher functions. Higher functions make miracles happen while basic functions enable survival without which miracles are not possible.

317. I cannot influence the amount of time given to me. I can influence the amount of things I can accomplish within the time given to me.

318. If I can constantly think about negative things, then I can constantly think about positive things.


320. 24 hours per day is given to everyone. No exceptions. Be they kings or peasants.

321. I cannot talk to physicians because of my non – physician characteristics.
I cannot talk to non – physicians because of my physician characteristics.
So what?

322. As practitioners of medicine we live too isolated within our own bubble while everybody else is exploiting us.


Michael Phelps: ‘Play the videotape when you go to sleep and review it when you wake up!’

324. Each day you must do 15 minutes of self – affirmations.
Each day you must do 15 minutes of self – talk.


325. Anxiety is the resistance one must overcome when he is training the muscle of his soul.


326. Comfort is the brake of improvement. It leads to stagnation. Seek challenges.


327. Decide upon a goal, write in down and set a date!

328. Things happen for a reason and it is your entire fault.
Take responsibility for the things you could have influenced.
Take responsibility for the things you could not have influenced.


329. So what if you have low self esteem? You do not need high self esteem to be successful. On the contrary! Use your low self esteem as a motivator to become successful. And when you will become successful will the low self esteem fade away.


330. Eyes follow the chin! Chin up! Eyes up! Smile!

Romans 8:31 - 'What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?'

My notes.

Mike Cernovich Compilation 2015 | 2016

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