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Guriko's Notes
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RE: Gurikos Notes
June - 2016

331. Have multiple strings of income.


333. How to fuck other women: look good, dress good and talk to girls.

There is no approach anxiety. There are Men who can talk to women and boys who cannot. It all comes down to desire. You either want to get laid, or not.

By Good Looking Loser

334. Fitness is not health. By Mike Cernovich.


If you are with losers, you will lose.
If you are with winners, you will win.
If you wish to change your life, than you must change your environment.

By Mike Cernovich

336. ‘The importance of Boldness’ – by Quintus Curtius

- Fear is over thinking the negatives of a possible endeavor.
- Doubt is lack of boldness and you will never be fully free from it. Ever.
- Do you want to mess around or succeed?
- You have got to do it, boy!
- Boldness creates a momentum of its own --> think physics.
- Boldness is needed for a healthy male life.
- Think about a problem from 3 different angles --> if you come to the same conclusion every time --> act upon it!
- Your intuition is mostly right.
- Instead of reading the speech you should have heard it --> Demostenes on what makes a good orator: ‘Actio, actio, actio! Boldness, boldness, boldness!’

337. Credit people!

338. Prove 5x times if a thread similar to yours already exists!

339. If you need someone, call them. If they do not answer then send them a message and when they reply, immediately call them.

340. As the wealth of society increases so do societal norms loosen their grip as they are not needed any longer in order to survive. Can they be retightened without the need of a collapse first?


342. You are permitted to fight and be defeated.
But you must never stop trying.
You are permitted to lead and fail.
But you must never stop trying.
You are permitted to learn and not understand.
But you must never stop trying.
You are permitted to try charm a woman and get rejected.
But you must never stop trying.
Never stop.
If you do, you die.

343. Are you worried what others think of you? How much of your time do you spend thinking about others? Exactly.


344. Treat writing as a hobby and it will pay as a hobby. Treat writing as a business and it will pay as a business. You MUST invest one hour a day into yourself. You are your most important company, your most important asset. ME INC. NOW!

By Mike Cernovich

345. Men; by Mike Cernovich

Men are designed for hierarchical status regimes.
Men are designed for combat.
Men are meant to be guided, mentored and often ruled by more competent men.
Men are not meant to be controlled by inferior men or any woman.
Men are supposed to exercise their will.
Men are not designed for long – term romantic love.

Woman; by Mike Cernovich

Women are less tolerant of weakness than men are.
Women have no desire to help men.
Women are uncomfortable (if incompetent) leaders.
Women want to be dominated.
Women have a stronger spirit than men do.

347. My mentors are many.
And I will surpass each and every one of them.
As I do, I will never forget to give them proper credit.
Then I will have my own pupils.
And the cycle shall begin anew.

348. The way to love anything is to realize it might be lost. – G.K. Charleston

349. Nowadays Men care more about the maintenance about their cars than their bodies.

350. First you must survive, and then come the luxuries.


351. Children are a RESOURCE! NOT A BURDEN!


352. Each era has its own set of challenges.
The challenge of our own era is to cooperate with the Nature outside of us whilst fight against the Nature within us.

Some challenges are eternal.


353. You harlots destroyed what my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother worked and sacrificed their life for. That woman can be safe and raise their children in a safe place. Now you wish, no, you demand respect from me? Fuck you.

354. I rather die with hope than live without.

355. Better to die while trying to fulfill ones quest than living in quiet servitude.


355. Do not be a bush-league thinker. See beyond the nickels and dimes if you wish to become rich.

By Mike Cernovich

356. Frugality, industriousness and diligence is the true path to wealth. By Benjamin Franklin

357. Organize clubs!

358. Essays by Benjamin Franklin --> ‘Four ideas’ and ‘Rules of Marriage’.


359. There is no end-zone. There is only the glorious struggle. By Quintus Curtius

360. A Man must be a paradox.

361. You are always tired after you masturbate. What will you do about it?


362. men follow rules, a Man makes his own.

363. Why is our society obsessed with sex?

364. I am not a physician. I am an entrepreneur who happened to study medicine.


365. What am I too weak to do? What have I been avoiding because it seemed impossible to do or require too much effort?

If you cannot fix it, you do not own it.

By Mike Cernovich

366. Stop trading yourself. This is a problem. Fix it.

367. ‘Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.’ – Warren Buffet

368. ‘Bad Habit Breaking Matrix’ by Mike Cernovich

a. Start a journal.
b. When you want to engage in your bad habit write ‘I want to (insert bad habit) when (state your reason --> the why behind what you want to do).
c. Write down what’s going on in your life at the moment you feel the way you feel. This will help you discover the why behind your bad habit.
d. Find a positive habit to replace the negative habit, because it’s far more effective to replace a bad habit with a good habit than to simply eliminate a bad habit (‘Nature abhors vacuum.’)

369. Success does not come linearly. It takes a long time for it to show, but once it does it so exponentially.

370. Do well by doing good. – Benjamin Franklin

371. Be a pragmatist. I am a pragmatist. I rather die knowing to be useful, than rich. – Inspired by Benjamin Franklin

372. There is only one guide to life.

Live. Try. Fail. Try again. Despair. Do not give up. Get back up. Stand, proudly. Learn. Try. Succeed. Never stop.


373. Reciprocal links are common in the associative Network. For example, being amused tends to make you smile and smiling tends to make you amused. – Thinking Fast and Slow

374. No great man was without his own demons. Did he succumb to them? Tolerated them? Controlled them? Cooperated with them?

375. Repeated experience, clear display, primed idea and good mood lead to a feeling of ease which leads to a feeling of familiarity, truth, wellness and effortless. – Thinking Fast and Slow

376. If much of our doing is governed by System 1 (the unconscious) – can we then prime ourselves? – Thinking Fast and Slow

377. The greatest flaw of physicians are the physicians themselves as they see themselves only as physicians. This is a limiting belief!

Physicians are pressed between the promises of the politicians who promise their voters everything and the insurance companies who wish to give nothing.

Instead of fighting back we embrace the situation with open arms. SHAMEFUL!


378. Men are ships. Women are ports.


379. You may feel shitty going to the gym but you never feel shitty coming out of the gym!

380. Nowadays people have too much. Because they have too much they are afraid to lose anything which paralyzes them in fear of doing something.

381. Shame is the killer!

382. Lose the fear of losing itself.

383. Everybody carries within themselves a piece of the nation which gave them birth.

384. Respect the country which gave you birth!

385. Change locations in order to refresh your mind! – Quintus Curtius


386. We are a generation which demands immediate satisfaction of all our needs. What about delayed satisfaction? Is it not better? Does there exist a balance between the immediate and delayed satisfaction of one’s needs?

387. Miracles never happened when Men were chasing women. They are a side show and should not be put into the center. Why is it that my generation obsesses over women and sex? I will cooperate with my lust and direct its raw energy into useful activities!

388. Each skill must be honed!

389. Jordan Belforts 4 Keys for Life Success – per Mike Cernovich

1. Vision --> the ability to create a clear and compelling Vision for the future.

2. The ability to manage your state --> the way you feel in the moment. There are 3 states I need to master:

- Certainty --> to be certain about what you are doing
- Clarity --> to be clear and not overwhelmed
- Courage --> to have a conviction and not let fear stop you

Rich people act in the face of fear where people run away from fear.

3. Manage your beliefs and eliminate limiting beliefs. You are not your past --> no matter how hard the past, you can always begin again (Buddha). Learn from your past, your beating and rise again!

4. Adopt the right strategy.

5. (Bonus) --> Raise your standards.


390. ‘We are, all of us, creatures of habit, and when the seeming necessity for schooling ourselves in new ways ceases to exist, we fall naturally and easily into a manner and customs which long usage has implanted ineradicably within us.’ – Edgar Rice Burroughs

It is a fact that we are creatures of habit. The question all Men must answer is what will his habits be? Some lead into prosperity, others into ruin. Each and every one of us must make our choices. And live with them.

391. You cannot cage something which is intrinsically free. You may try to build a dam and contain it, but it will eventually break everything in its path and overwhelm you. Then you shall be lost under its raging currents. Such is raw Male energy.

Accept the fact. Instead of containing it you should redirect it into more fruitful endeavors.

392. You must go into life! Each experience, be it good or bad, represents a block of a supporting wall you are building, but not needing it yet. For there will come a time when Life shall test you in such cruel manner that will rattle each and every bone within your body. If at that time, that crucial time, you have nothing to lean against – you are finished.

394. There are assignments for which you know how long they will take you in order to complete them and there are those where it is unknown to you how long they will take.

First do those where you know and after that come those where you do not. This is important.


395. Are Women the limitation for Men which forces them to become creative? An impetus?

396. A woman cries, yet she does not break.

Romans 8:31 - 'What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?'

My notes.

Mike Cernovich Compilation 2015 | 2016

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07-12-2016 02:11 AM
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