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Guriko's Notes
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RE: Gurikos Notes
435. Move and Live with a Purpose --> walk like a Man with a goal in Mind!

436. How to train --> have a basic program. Do High Intensity Interval Training. Have principles. Inspired by Mike Cernovich.


437. A woman needs to: fill my stomach, empty my balls, soothe my heart and inspire my soul. In this order.


438. Post by Quintus Curtius about Morale and Operations as told by General William Slim

On Morale

Morale is a state of mind. It is that intangible force which will move a whole group of men to give their last ounce to achieve something, without counting the cost to themselves; that makes them feel they are part of something greater than themselves. If they are to feel that, their morale must, if it is to endure–and the essence of morale is that it should endure–have certain foundations.

These foundations are spiritual, intellectual, and material, and that is the order of their importance. Spiritual first, because only spiritual foundations can stand real strain. Next intellectual, because men are swayed by reason as well as feeling. Material last–important, but last–because the very highest kinds of morale are often met when material conditions are lowest.

I remember sitting in my office and tabulating these foundations of morale something like this:

1. Spiritual

a, There must be a great and noble object.

b. Its achievement must be vital.
c. The method of achievement must be active, aggressive.
d. The man must feel that what he is and what he does matters directly towards the attainment of the object.

2. Intellectual

a. He must be convinced that the object can be attained; that it is not too out of reach.
b. He must see, too, that the organization to which he belongs and which is striving to attain the object is an efficient one.
c. He must have confidence in his leaders and know that whatever dangers and hardships he is called upon to suffer, his life will not be lightly flung away.

3. Material

a. The man must feel that he will get a fair deal from his commanders and from the army generally.
b. He must, as far as humanly possible, be given the best weapons and equipment for the task.
c. His living and working conditions must be made as good as they can be.

On Operations

But the key question remained for Slim: how do you instill these qualities and values in your men? What should be done about it? His answer was this:

I felt there was only one way to do it, by a direct approach to the individual men themselves. Not by written exhortations, by wireless speeches, but by informal talks and contacts between troops and commanders…All I did now was to encourage my commanders to increase these activities, unite them in a common approach to the problem, in the points that they would stress, and in the action they would take to see that principles became action, and not merely words.

Slim then talks about the principles he used to plan his operations. He wanted to go on the offensive, and to take the fight to the enemy. He realized that, after having been severely defeated by the Japanese, he had to regain the initiative or his entire army would fall apart. He tells us:

The principles on which I planned all operations were:

- The ultimate intention must be an offensive one.
- The main idea on which the plan was based must be simple.
- That idea must be held in view throughout and everything else must give way to it.
- The plan must have in it some element of surprise.

439. A Man strives to achieve a noble goal while a woman worships it. A Man must find such a noble goal which transcends women while at the same time becoming such a noble goal himself that women will want to worship. Thus his soul, mind and body will be satiated and hungry for greater challenges at the same time. Which is a paradox, which is good, for Man is Truth and Truth without paradox is not Truth.

Addendum --> small wins make the Big One come true.


440. A male exists and simply continues his legacy. A Man builds a dynasty for the ages.

441. A Woman serves as an inspiration. Bitches are a distraction.

442. What is my goal? My goal is to build a dynasty. My goal is to become a King, which means I will have people serving under me. In order to inspire them I will have to be a Noble King – the first to rise and the last to go to bed. Family is paramount. Honor. Duty. I will be a King nobody knows about. I will become The Grey King.

443. The 5 Principles of Injury Prevention – by Mike Cernovich

1. If it hurts, don’t do it. Even if the muscle comics tell you: ‘Real men do pull – ups!’
2. Don’t train with ego or momentum --> have a plan!
3. Employ strategic deconditioning to gain muscle while simultaneously healing injuries.
4. Do HIIT style training.
5. See an Active Release Technique Expert and learn to love your Foam Roller.

444. How to stay Fit Over 40 --> by Mike Cernovich


What changes?

a. Tendon, ligament tensile strength and flexibility --> if you do not have time to warm up then you do not have the time to train! Massage yourself, Beastie Ball and Foam Roller!
b. Recovery.
c. Metabolism.

What stays the same?

a. Your body mechanics.
b. Discipline --> beat this into your Goddamn head --> you ARE YOUR HABITS and DISCIPLINE will be MY NUMBER 1 HABIT!
c. Motivation.

What gets better?

a. Self knowledge.
b. Discipline.
c. Mental Toughness and Focus.

445. What do I live for? By Mike Cernovich

a. Do I think like a slave?
b. For whom do I live for?

446. Give to Receive.

447. The Law of Attraction.

448. Educate yourself. Always. Every day. Without fail.


449. If you wish to conduct an orchestra, you have to turn your back upon the crowd. (Mike Cernovich)

450. 15 Life Tips from a World War II Vet – post by Mike Cernovich

1. Education --> always educate yourself.
2. Live internally --> think.
3. Fitness --> get off your ass 20 something kid!
4. Nutrition --> fast food does not cut it. Get it out of your life.
5. Someone or something is always trying to sell you something.
6. Women --> they are not all sluts and whores --> be skeptical even what the Manosphere says --> marriage is not for everyone.
7. Sex --> it is awesome and necessary. Do it a lot and with a good partner. Get perfect at it.
8. Honesty, integrity and respect --> your word is gold.
9. Spirituality --> believe in something greater than yourself.
10. Choice --> you always have one.
11. Intuition --> cultivate it. Listen to yourself.
12. Skills --> find a useful skill with your hands.
13. Work --> find your passion.
14. The System/Culture --> learn how the world works.
15. Other Men --> learn from them.

451. Linguistic kill shot --> Dark/Light.


452. Print the 47 Life Tips from an Afghanistan Vet and Airborne Soldier – post by Mike Cernovich!

453. Post by Mike Cernovich – a Pilots Tips for flying high

Most important things in life --> context for your life and clarity of vision and definition. How else will I gouge my process? I need to define progress if I want to measure it. Define your life in a few sentences. Now my conscious and unconscious shall be pulled where I want them to be.

Embrace the concept of ‘SOSD’ --> Suck Of Short Duration --> embrace something that will suck for a short time which will pay off All the Rest Of The Time!.

454. What is my why? (By Mike Cernovich)

‘Those who have a ‘why to live’, can bear with almost any how.’ – Nietzsche

What is going to keep me working when everyone else stops?
What is going to keep me driven when everyone else quits?
What is going to make me not merely strong, but stronger?
What is going to give me that passion to conquer and kick ass when I’ve been knocked on the floor?
What is going to make me take the hit and not fall down in the first place?

Addendum – look up beet juice!

455. Surviving and Thriving in the Corporate World – by Mike Cernovich

‘Feel like a shark. If you are not moving towards your next deal you are dead.’ – Big George


456. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Losers – by Mike Cernovich

Remember: winning is a habit, as is losing!

1. Keep fucking around.
2. Ask for permission.
3. Keep seeking validation.
4. Keep watching television --> especially sports.
5. Keep drinking.
6. Keep dealing with negative friends and family members.
7. Obey conventional morality.

Do you want to be a loser or a winner? The choice, as always, is yours.

457. Reframe the negatives into positives!

458. How frightening it must be to live a life so bland that you have nothing worth dying for.

459. Get routine Blood Work Done --> Anti – Aging Panel!

460. 4 ways to make people like you – by Mike Cernovich

Do not just read the article! Apply what the article says!

Act like a narcissist, but not for the long run. People identify and love narcissists; honey to the bear principle.

a. Wear fancier clothing!
b. Use more charming facial expressions --> body language and eye contact is key!
c. Use alpha body language and make self – assured body movements. Space is status!
d. Use verbal humor --> diffuse hostile situation.

461. A/B test everything!

462. Do not take NO for an answer. Be flexible however! Active engagement --> become obsessed to the point of madness! (Inspired by Mike Cernovich)

463. Frame Control or How to Turn Your Problems into a Source of Power (Gorilla Mindset!) – Mike Cernovich

My problems are nothing compared to what others have endured in the past and PROSPERED!
My problems are the only preparation for LIFE!

464. Podcast transcriptions --> Dragon’s Voice Recognition Software.

465. Do not change abruptly that you do not recognize yourself. Change slowly that yourself does not recognize that you have changed.

466. James Altucher – Choose Yourself (read it); Mike Cernovich recommendation.

You have to ask to get what you want (assertively) --> they will tell you no, but sometimes a no today means a yes tomorrow, which is why you have to lose the fear of rejection --> never be afraid to ask!

467. Alpha Male Muscle Meals – by Mike Cernovich

a. Affordable.
b. Protein rich.
c. Filling.
d. Low Glycemic Index.
e. High antioxidants and phytonutrients --> use fillers and spices!

Remember the alpha chili recipe!

468. When your unconscious and conscious minds are not aligned, you will be miserable despite objective measures of success.

469. Get your testosterone levels checked! Do Alpha Male Body Language Exercises!

470. What have you learned from Elliot Rodgers? – Mike Cernovich

- Be against status obsession.
- Master yourself before you dare try master someone else.
- Reframe your problems as a source of power.
- Have muscular physique.

Romans 8:31 - 'What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?'

My notes.

Mike Cernovich Compilation 2015 | 2016

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