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Guriko's Notes
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RE: Guriko's Notes
531. Poor decisions reveal poor character.

532. Learn Good Guy Marketing.

533. My life is one of limitless possibilities. Have an abundance mentality.

534. How to avoid a Swatting, by Mike Cernovich

Be always vigilant when dealing with SJW’s for they are neocommunists. They will do whatever it takes to destroy you.

Converts are to be more feared than those who are born into it.

I. Recognize the threat.
II. Call the local police department.
III. Leave the lights on.
IV. Get your dogs out.
V. Should you call the FBI?
VI. Take a staycation.

Read How to be Invisible by J.J. Luna.

535. What not to do when faced with a public attack, by Mike Cernovich

I. Lie, rather than own your mistakes.
II. Say nothing when the media won’t give you favorable coverage.
III. Hide.
IV. Quit.
V. Don’t fight for your guys.

536. Principles of Verbal Defense, by Mike Cernovich

I. Who is your audience?
II. The best defense is a good offense.
III. Take ownership of insults and REAPPROPRIATE them.
IV. Use haters to your advantage.
V. What to do when people lie about? Make a Press Kit!

Read Eric Denzenhall: Damage Control.

537. Become all the SJW’s hate. Embrace it. Love it. Go full Gorilla! Cast aside any aspiration of mainstream acceptance. Crawl not on your knees but stand and stand proudly!

What is stopping you from being you?

538. Sunday is rest day. Period.

539. Adopt to the situation, because the situation will never adopt to you.

540. Are pornography and video games ways to keep Men sedated? Passive? Inert?

Romans 8:31 - 'What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?'

My notes.

Mike Cernovich Compilation 2015 | 2016

The Gold from Bold
10-20-2016 02:07 AM
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