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Guriko's Notes
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RE: Guriko's Notes
541. ‘Each day is a little life, every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to rest and sleep a little death.’ – Arthur Schopenhauer


542. Why do we compare ourselves to others? Visualize your perfect self and that is the person you should compare yourself to. Are you making a step forward to that person each and every day?

543. Do not tell children all of the answers. They will not understand them or appreciate them. Ask them the right questions and they will find the right answers themselves.

544. What can I do About the War on against Men, by Mike Cernovich

I. Become the Gray Man.
II. Work on financial independence --> recognize this trap: ‘What is the point of working so hard if I do not spend it on money?’

545. There is a war against Men, against men. I will wage it. I will win it!

546. When you will write your blog you will write for 3 types of audiences:

- readers --> people who read full paragraphs
- skimmers --> people who only read the headlines
- search engines --> people who will find your blog after performing a search engine on Google

If you wish to be successful you have to learn SEO and use synergy (pattern!). Wall you readers in. Understand the phrases – black, white and grey hat!


547. What are a woman’s two deepest needs? By Mike Cernovich

I. Women get bored easily.
II. Women get anxious.

A man’s primary job is to lead. If you do not lead your woman, you are not a man. Women and men are different. Understand the gender differences and you will succeed with women.

548. ‘In the depths of winter, I discovered that within me lay an invincible summer.’ – Camus

Accept life’s absurdity. Assume the leadership of your own life. Fight for the freedom and the responsibility it entails. Inspired by Danger and Play reader ‘Elliot’.

549. Never be the best in the room as it does not leave room to grow.

550. The Blueprint for Success by Mike Cernovich

I. Change your mindset. You can control how to feel in the present moment. And nothing else.
II. Make your mission your number 1 priority.
III. Hit the gym.
IV. Read inspirational books and websites.
V. Build a massive business.
VI. Assert leadership in your relationships.
VII. Achieve Alpha Zen.

Romans 8:31 - 'What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?'

My notes.

Mike Cernovich Compilation 2015 | 2016

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10-22-2016 10:23 AM
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