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How to make money using a metal detector
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RE: How to make money using a metal detector
Great thread, Schlep! I've been in and out of metal detecting for many years but I really got into it hard core when I left the States and moved to Latin America. I use an At Pro for land and fresh water hunting and an Fisher CZ-21 for salt water beaches, shallow salt water, and diving.

In my first Latin American country where I lived, a buddy and I would head out a couple of weekends per month to the jungle and search for long-lost Spanish settlements and it was a blast. We usually needed to hike for many hours just to find our spot (if we found it) and we'd camp in hammocks with mosquito netting under the jungle canopy. The most dangerous things to look out for were the snakes and jaguars. It is exhausting (the hiking and the the actual detecting in that climate) and has to be a labor of love since, as you know, you don't always find something of value. However, like you said, when you finally pull a coin or relic out of the ground that hasn't been touched in 150, 250, or 350 years, it gives you a buzz like no other. It's definitely an addiction for me- the research (which should be 80% of the effort), the preparation for the trip, and then the hunt itself. My experience has been that if you have a love of history and enjoy exercise, you can make a few bucks here and there by selling your finds. I tend to keep mine, though.

There is an unbelievable amount of historic maps and other information online nowadays and the Spanish archives are online and free. In the States, there is a website called "historic aerials" where you can look up your hometown, find an aerial or topo map from years past and then lay it over a current map to find old structures, etc.

I've now taken the hobby to Colombia and occasionally get out with some guys here. Metal detecting is in its infancy in most of Latin America and there's lots of potential. If you ever get to Bogota, look me up and we can get a beer. I know a couple of pretty good spots to search as well. I've attached a few Spanish silver cobs I recently found in Colombia:
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