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How to make money using a metal detector
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RE: How to make money using a metal detector
If you guys want another great book to read. It's called Buried Treasure you can find. It has listings for all the states and exciting events that took place in every state. Locations of ghost towns in the midwent and cool shit like that.

Someone made a comment about metal detecting being harder then it looks. Damn right it is.

Here's why. Do not go where everyone else goes. That park you see that always has lots of people in it. Looks like a great spot right? Wrong.... all your going to find is modern coins and tons of junk. Trust me, I wasted way to many hours doing this. Do you want to find coins from 1985 or 1785? Think outside the box.

More tips: Depths of coins are determined by the amount of rainfall your location receives. A 100 year old coin in Massachusetts is going to be deeper then a coin in Kansas. The harder the soil, the less it sinks.

Also, if your going to purchase a metal detector do not go cheap. You do not want a cheap radio shack 75$ one. You can find good ones used on ebay for 400$. Just make sure it comes with an instruction manual.

Your worst enemy: it's you......
Your new detector is going to come with a computer screen. With buttons, knobs and cool bells and whistles. It will tell you what kind of metal is in the ground and how deep it is. Do not trust this. That was always my mistake.

Hunt with your ears not your eyes. When you go out you will get a hit. Then look down at your screen to see what it is. Awesome!!! It says silver coin at 4 inches. Lol....wrong, bottle cap at 2 inches. If your getting a strong loud signal. Just keep on walking. Its modern trash. Again, you want to focus on those weak signals. Faint...hard to hear.
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