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How to make money using a metal detector
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RE: How to make money using a metal detector
(07-31-2016 04:37 PM)Jaydublin Wrote:  I just moved to one of the Carolinas and this might be a good place. I am not sure how much revolutionary war relics there would be but Civil War there would probably be a lot. Have you hunted the south much?

Hey Jay, If you get a chance, peruse the videos of this guy, NuggetNoggin, on youtube:

He lives in North Carolina and is one of the most accomplished treasure and relic hunters I've ever seen (and he is pretty young- like 20 or so). He is a bit religious, though (he puts scripture and stuff in his videos sometimes), so just ignore that if you find it bothersome. Definitely worth viewing his videos, since he detects near you and knows what he is doing.

By the way, for those of you interested, a great starter metal detector, in my opinion, is the Garrett AT Pro (around $500). It's easy to learn as it has "newbie" settings (practically turn on and go) and then more advanced settings as you gain experience. It has decent depth, good discrimination (which is important) and is water proof (the vast majority of detectors aren't waterproof and it sucks when you have to stop when in starts raining). It's waterproof to 10ft. You can buy different coils to suit your needs. You'll still need a decent pinpointer, digging tool, and finds pouch also to get going. Please note that the AT Pro is for land hunting and fresh water (it doesn't work well in salt water and you need another specialized metal detector for salt water).

I agree with the others that metal detecting is not easy and the vast majority of people who start the hobby get frustrated and quit quickly. You can always find used detectors for sale on EBay and Craigslist by those who give it up. You have to love exercise and history a lot and then if you can make a couple of bucks on top of that, it's gravy. It's a very fulfilling hobby for me but it did take me over a year to master the research, the detector, and even excavation methods.

I second what Schlep said about metal detecting clubs- It's a great idea as you can learn a lot from like-minded people and those with more experience than you.
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