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How to make money using a metal detector
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RE: How to make money using a metal detector
(08-01-2016 11:26 PM)Jaydublin Wrote:  
(08-01-2016 07:31 PM)Schlep Wrote:  @Jay

Yeah, it's not illegal to use a metal detector here in the states. As long as your not in a indian reservation, national park or battlefield.

I think it is the digging that can get people in hot water. After thinking about it some more I guess nobody besides the DNR/Rangers would really have any idea anyway. There is a lot of paranoia online about this so that is why I asked.

What types of properties do you find to hunt? Do you get permission on private? Or just just up some public lands? Wildlife management type areas?

This thread reminded me of some of my childhood days when my friends and I would scour for Indian arrowheads. Now that I live in the southwest, and after reading this thread, that interest reemerged.

After doing some research, though, it seems that with arrowheads/Indian artifacts in particular, removing them from ANY public lands is illegal. So, let's say you're in a national forest, 10 miles off trail in the middle of nowhere. You see an arrowhead lying on the surface, you pick it up, and you're just unlucky enough to have a BLM officer approach as you're grabbing it. For a first offense, you're probably just looking at a fine. If he's cool, you just hand it over and get a warning.

Removing Indian artifacts from private lands is legal so long as you don't disturb burial grounds. So, if you want to play it safe, I'd stick to private land. I'm sure Schlep has more knowledge about the laws than I do, and I'm not sure if there are different laws pertaining to items such as coins, belt buckles, bottles, etc.
08-02-2016 01:06 AM
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