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Billy Corgan, a rare red pill celeb, sticks it to SJW sacred cows
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RE: Billy Corgan, a rare red pill celeb, sticks it to SJW sacred cows
(11-12-2017 11:38 PM)Suits Wrote:  ...I didn't write what I wrote as a joke or a personal insult. I wrote it because it's true. When I read a post of yours, I immediately categorize the ideas within it into the "unlikely to be correct" file in my mind for the simple fact that you seem to believe every conspiracy theory in existence and anyone reasonable person who really believed everything that you say you believe wouldn't be posting about it on the Internet. That person wouldn't have Internet access on their computer or phone.

Did you even read my post above bro? You've asked, and I replied:

(11-12-2017 03:39 PM)911 Wrote:  
(11-12-2017 08:45 AM)Suits Wrote:  Is there a conspiracy theory out there that you don't believe in?

There are tons of fake ones I don't believe in, like the shape-shifting reptilians, aliens/UFOs/Area51, flat earth etc.

You're being completely disingenuous here, much like how you've said in the paragraph above that you didn't mean to insult me while insinuating that someone who believes what I've wrote should be locked up... Passive aggressive much?

Quote:Once I start seeing posts from you that contain actionable intel, instead of claims that will neither be proven nor disproven anytime soon, I'll start to take your opinions more seriously.

Once again, patently false. Take the example above of Lennon's assassination. I've given you the key fact that his doorman Jose Perdomo, who was at the vortex of the crime scene, turned out to be a high level CIA assassin (information about Perdomo's true identity had been concealed for years after Lennon's murder). That's "actionable intel", and you've dismissed it altogether, falling back to labels like "conspiracy theory!", which amounts to little more than a normie NLP killshot.

You said you dismiss absolutely anything I post as BS, basing your opinion on the messenger, as opposed to a rational evaluation of the content provided. The fact is, the great majority of theses I post here are stated with solid support. Posters who've repped me, and many other quality members on here, agree.

You're forming your opinion on a visceral, reflexive level rather than a rational one, whereas I approach my subjects with rational rigor and intellectual curiosity. This approach often takes you to conclusions that might be challenging to process for some, though many on here are up to the challenge, this being a high quality board.

λ ό γ ο ς
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