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Bold Biden prediction
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Bold Biden prediction
I believe there's a strong possibility Hillary could drop out of the race. I don't believe its imminent but hear me out.

With all Her baggage already, the increased attention of her health issues is beginning to surface and will only get worse. (Mostly thanks to Cernovich. You can't read more about it here: ). I don't believe her campaign is sustainable. She is as flawed a candidate I think we may ever see. I believe democratic leaders know this as well. With among many revelations revealed in wikileaks, and basic overall discernment, we can confirm democratic media bias. (It's the only thing that has kept Her alive.) We can safely assumed it's rigged in her benefit. So I don't believe my prediction is too outrageous.

I predict the health issues to be put on ice. Small bits to be released at a time. Depending on the timing, we might not even see Her debate. She might finally announce a rare press conference in which she will announce her withdrawal from the race and perhaps even endorse Biden the same day. Maybe it will play out for a couple days. I don't expect cucked-Bernie to fight. Why should anyone?

Biden will accept the crucial challenge of stopping the unhinged monster that is portrayed as Trump. He will appeal to the unrationale masses emotions, humbly appreciating both Hillary & Bernie's support. His campaign will run off emotion and shift further left. Doing it for his son. Doing it for all the ones the Evil Capitalist Trump bullied along the way. Doing it to unite both parties and claim his platform to be the most sensible. Weak GOP leaders will not fight for Trump. The media will go all out to help Biden and expect early polls to strongly favor Him. Conflicted republicans and democrats will unite. The working white men vote will be the primary focus.

On stage, Biden possesses the charisma that could challenge Trump. He's had much time to prepare and I'm sure has learned many tactics from the former favorite performer, Obama. He can appear more sensible and safer in contrast to Trump. If Trump gets caught blindsided, his persuasion tactics will become highly ineffective. Confirmation-bias, branding a nickname, ect.
Maybe I'm not giving him the credit he deserves but for that reason I believe he wont be as comfortable on stage. Could slightly panic and that will make him finally appear defeated. This won't be against Crooked Hillary, low-energy Jeb!, Sweaty little Marco, Hungry Kasich or Lyin Ted. This is against the generally liked, very experienced, "Americas favorite uncle."

Even if Trump starts giving the most rationale, highly articulate policy details, I dont believe that will help him. It will be too late. Biden will effectively use his tactics against him. Will campaign as fighting the bully and will be loved for it.

Biden will capture the masses emotions. Steal the "White and Male" appeal Trump currently has. (Subconsciously or not, I believe that's a huge factor, and since he's a democrat, it's acceptable to libtards.)
Hillary will dramatically endorse him. Even somehow that wicked bitch will summon a tear on how important it is to stop Trump. It will really come from her realization that Her dream is over. The "feels" will be flying. Biden will graciously accept and even keep Kaine as the VP.

It will be theatrical.

Of course I hope I'm wrong. I'd expect Biden to keep the progressive destruction to keep going. I just believe if it stands, Trump wins in a landslide. The masses are stupid but the MSM can only protect Hillary for so long. More people are waking up to the bullshit, but not quite. Just look at her small crowds and overall weak Dem primary results. I believe this article is also a great indicator:

If it's Trump/Pence vs Biden/Kaine I could easily see a narrow or big victory for Biden. The masses are vulnerable and with the help of media sensationalizing, will want to elect the safer more comfortable candidate.
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