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Bold Biden prediction
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RE: Bold Biden prediction
A number of years back, our local congressman died after winning the primaries. He was replaced in a local convention. It was a state convention in Illinois, so the whole state party organization voted on the replacement candidate for our district. The new candidate was Dennis Hastert, who went on to be Speaker of the House, and is now jailed for financial corruption and pedophilia.

I was at the convention, and it was raucous. The fix was in for Hastert from the start, so he already had the majority of delegates in his pocket. Several other factions put forth candidates, and spoke bitterly from the podium about how corrupt the party was for having the fix already in. As far as I remember, there would not have been a state convention if the original candidate hadn't died. It was something they put together to deal with the situation.

Likewise, if Hillary dropped out, they would figure something out. Most likely they would have another convention of primarily super delegates, and the party would pick a replacement.

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08-08-2016 11:40 PM
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