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Bad thoughts during heavy squats
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RE: Bad thoughts during heavy squats
You should be lifting heavy weights with confidence because you've prepared and done it before. This goes for most things in life, but especially with athletic endeavors.

Some people lift too light in intensity (under 70%) that they will never stimulate their Central Nervous System to recruit more motor units (and probably not develop mental confidence with heavy weights). For intermediate to advanced lifters I think 10x10 might too light, 5x5 for heavier would be better IMO.

Others lift heavy (above 80%) but don't do enough volume to create an adaptation; this would be like going for a max lift record, and then maybe one more, so 1-2 lifts above 90% which is probably not enough volume unless you are advanced and lifting real heavy weights.

IMO, you need to lift heavy enough for a sufficient volume, simplistically speaking, to get your body "used to lifting heavy weights". Google Prilepin's chart for good intensity x volume guidelines, but I personally do 3 week waves with a heavy day and light day per week. I do this setup for my heavy day:

Week 1 - 6x3 @ 80% + assistance lifts
Week 2 - 6x2 @ 85% + assistance lifts
Week 3 - 6x1 @ 90% + assistance lifts
Week 4 - rest/light day/whatever/start cycle over at 10lbs heavier

If I've hit the week 1 reps, then week 2 and 3 are strong and easy. These are heavy lifts, but still submaximal effort. I'm just getting the heavy reps in, no more, no less.

For light day, I just do 5x6 (or 6x5 if it's feeling heavy) at 70% + assistance lifts throughout the weeks. It should feel like a grind if you're only taking 1-2 minutes between sets.

I think lifting like the above, or some other heavy intensity/low-moderate volume scheme should improve mental and physical preparation.

I was also going to say that you might need to work your lower back, upper back or and/or abs so the bar doesn't feel like it will crush you in the hole. But you say your deadlift is solid so you might have good back strength; I am similar, and my limiting factor is definitely leg strength for which front squats help me a lot.
09-13-2016 03:00 PM
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