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Bad thoughts during heavy squats
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RE: Bad thoughts during heavy squats
H1N1 has some awesome advice here.

I'll tell you a couple things that work for me with squats:

first and foremost, keeping your upper body tight. Based on what you said it sounds like your having an issue with worrying about your torso's stability with the weight on your back. Like the bar is going to make you fold over.

Taking a huge ass breath into your belly, holding your tongue against the roof of your mouth, squeezing the bar with your hands real tight, and just putting as much pressure as your can against your upper body will eliminate that factor. Hell, wear a mouth guard and clench your teeth if it helps. Keeping your upper body tight is key. The upper body shouldn't be a limiting factor in the lift. The only bottleneck should be from the waist down. That part alone will help your confidence and will create a better connection with your brain and your legs in the movement. That's something I had to learn.

Another tip is put up safety racks. The worst that can happen is you get stuck coming out of the bottom of the lift and you just roll the barbell onto the racks. It's nothing, just like H1N1 said.

Another thing that really helps me psychologically prep for the weight is to sort of "pre-load." When I set up for the squat, I will tighten my shoulders up, put them under the barbell, and lift it a bit and slide it left and right so I'm used to the weight on my back while its still racked (I do this when I bench as well). Then once I pull the weight off the rack then my body is already ready for it. It's nothing. Sort of like what Alan does here in his heavier sets:

FF to 5:00

It sounds like the biggest factor for you though Is essentially just doing weight you are comfortable with like H1N1 said. Pick a weight you are confident with and grow stronger and more technical with it until it becomes too easy, then move up. There is not hardlined rule here - build strength and confidence at the pace that works best for you.
09-14-2016 01:08 AM
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