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Bad thoughts during heavy squats
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RE: Bad thoughts during heavy squats
Everyone, even top lifters, has a lift that sometimes gives them hell. In powerlifting, it is extremely rare that you have a lifter who has no fear in any of the 3 competition lifts, and when you have one, they tend to be world champions.

For most powerlifters, there is one lift they currently suck at, and whenever they get to the bar at certain heavy weights (usually 95%+, or desired competition attempts), they feel some degree of uncertainty or fear. Some guys feel like you do in the squat. Some think the bench will crush their faces or chest (I'm in this group). Some think the deadlift will break their back before they even try to lift the bar up. You can see fear in the way they set up before any lifting happens.

Many of the tips above work well. One that I always use close to competition time is to visualise the exact weights on the bar (must be realistic and within my capability), and it's important to get all the plate colours right. Then I visualise myself walking up to the bar, setting up perfectly, taking it out confidently, then executing the lift with perfect technique. At first, I'd struggle hard with this visualisation in my head. I'd stumble and fail, or grind the shit out of the lift, all in my imagination! But slowly and surely, I'd get control of the whole thing and be able to do it perfectly in my head. By the time the competition comes along, usually I'd be able to repeat the same exact lifts on the platform. A simple reasoning I use is that if you can't even do it in your own imagination (it's harder than you think though) you won't be able to do it for real.

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09-14-2016 06:16 AM
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