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Bad thoughts during heavy squats
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RE: Bad thoughts during heavy squats
Seems to me like it's an emotional problem. Fear, submission, just letting it go, taking the easy way out, avoiding danger, that kind of thing at its core. I'm going to go on a different direction here and suggest three words that help me when I get the same kind of thoughts.




Generally the intensity of the emotion also intensifies from top to bottom. When I'm pulling, squatting or benching (or running, swimming and so on) around the edges of (or more than) what I think I can do, I usually forcefully pull myself into those three states to help me get through the emotional/mental barrier I might have at time. The worse the barrier, the stronger the response needed to get through it. Grind your teeth together, tense your core, squeeze your fists, breather hard through your teeth stare at the ground and psych yourself up some. Imitate the physical responses of aggression and anger. Find a memory that either makes your really fucking angry and aggressive, or that has that kind of emotion attached to it. I use a case where I had to defend myself against two muggers, I've never been that fucking livid (and scared) in my life. Note though that you don't want to lose focus and fuck up your form at the same time. Angry, loud, violent music is usually the best thing that helps me get to that state. Below some of the tracks that give me the best results for this, just to give a general idea. There's tons of death metal, grindcore and melodeath that I listen to at the gym.

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09-21-2016 02:07 PM
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