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Large hooligan fight in the snow
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RE: Large hooligan fight in the snow
I don't have a massive problem with this as long as it's kept away from normal fans. Marseille this year was ugly, no pride to be gained from it. If you want to fight equals who agree to fight you back to establish who the alpha pack is, fine. Attacking random people and trying to kill/injure them is shameful and I hope there's none of that in 2018. If English hooligans want to meet these ultras in a field somewhere and get the arses handed to them I don't give a shit, as they're fools who bring shame to the English game.

Interesting videos though: shows the importance of momentum (see the Demark vs Sweden vid) - backpedalling punches carry no power - and isolation. Seems that if the rest of the 'pack' can hold off the main body of the opponents, isolating one or two from the pack and then working them over with mismatched numbers takes them out quickly and your guys can re-join the fray.

You can tell those Russians have MMA training - some of them are beasts with their hands. Yes it looks like a bit of a shitfest, but people always drop to their lowest level of training under pressure. As for gassing after a minute, fighting is so much more knackering than any other physical activity. Even when I was training MMA, 3 x 2 minute rounds were absolutely exhausting, and by the end of the first round my best was behind me for the fight, and that was when I was in really good shape.
12-12-2016 05:57 PM
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