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Large hooligan fight in the snow
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RE: Large hooligan fight in the snow

Quintus, lets agree to disagree. Football related deaths are more than well documented. And many times is a poor sucker crossing paths with these psychos sporting a flag or scarf of a different color than them. Or someone who got stuck in a stadium melee (See Heysel Park or Hillsborough). I have no simpathy for football hooligans, I think they should get a life. If Russians want to fight, the Russian army has their arms open or they can venture in Donbass or Syria. If Scandinavians or British want to fight, there are plenty of muslim rapists to be dealt with. If Portuguese want to fight, they can go to the door of the corrupt MP's assembly. There are plenty of causes for all tastes to fight for. Hell, they can go into a ring and fight.

Sure most of this videos show organized showdowns, but their behaviour around the stadiums and matches is similar.

No offense but I think it is hard for americans to understand the passion that surrounds football and the hooliganism phenomenom, because it is a secondary or tertiary sport in the US. Unlike in Europe or South America, where in any coffee shop there is all the time someone discussing or having an argument about football and the referee error in the last derby, etc.

I have had friends beaten up badly by hooligan thugs just because they where wearing different colours. I had the intelligence to never show my colors when I was younger and still gave importance to that sport, possibly maybe because I supported a team from a rival town of the one I lived.

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12-13-2016 01:45 PM
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