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Large hooligan fight in the snow
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RE: Large hooligan fight in the snow
(12-13-2016 01:45 PM)Rocha Wrote:  ^^^
Quintus, lets agree to disagree. Football related deaths are more than well documented. And many times is a poor sucker crossing paths with these psychos sporting a flag or scarf of a different color than them.

Rocha, mate, you're not listening to my words. You're not hearing me.

I never said that the hooligan life was good. I never said that it was good to assault people or live a violent life. I never even hinted at that; I having nothing good to say about criminality and hooliganism.

We're talking about two different things. I'm trying to make a point in the realm of ideas. You're talking about something else (the hooligan life). I happen to agree with you, but your point is not germane to this conversation we're having here.

I don't want to let this point go because it is such a critical part of my world-view. I'm saying that struggle, confrontation, and a clash of wills is good: it tests the wills of men in the arena, and helps them hone their instincts. You must never shirk your responsibility to learn how to take abuse. You must learn how to endure pain and punches.

The Italian humanist Bartolomeo Fonzio said this in 1511:

"So advance, fight unflichingly with steel, and bring to bear standard against standard, weapon against weapon, and chest against chest. And I, the spectator of your fortitude...will be there, and will honor each of you according to his merits."

What a beautiful quote. I even inscribed this sentence on the title page of "Pantheon." The point is: get used to struggle. You will lose. You will win. And some you will draw. The important thing is to stay in the game and keep hitting the bastards. I had a big win last week in court when I crushed a student loan creditor. And it was...glorious. I don't always win. But I stay in the game. Always.

It is good, and it is right. We all need to learn how to give hits, and how to take them.

You're going to take abuse all your life, believe me. So you might as well get in there now and learn to like it. It will save you pain later on.

Check these out for more details:

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