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He Will Not Divide Us performance "art" by Shia LaBeouf
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RE: Freak-show for free: "Liberal" clowns broadcasting their tears, 24/7
(01-21-2017 07:37 PM)EDantes Wrote:  Imagine if aliens visited Earth and saw this - they'd probably just 'Death Star' the entire planet.

No, they would baptize the Earth: "Freak-Show_Planet-24/7", place a huge webcam on orbit, and broadcast to their original planets, for the amusement of their own families.

And maybe it's already going on, maybe the Earth has been the laughing stock of the universe, watching us, for decades and decades. Maybe the Reptilians have comic TV shows about Earth' obese blue-hair SJWs and LGBTs... for all we know, Hillary is their TV host.

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01-21-2017 07:57 PM
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